On Our Radar: Maggie Szabo, Fono, Lincoln Jesser, and more


So you don’t have to waste your precious weekend time searching for the best new music of the week, we’ve done the hard work for you, bringing you the best tunes coming out of the UK and the US. On our radar this week are releases from Maggie Szabo, Fono, Lincoln Jesser, and more.

Maggie Szabo – ‘Gold’

United States

There’s a reason Maggie has over 13 million hits on YouTube. Her deep, sultry voice mixed with a banging electro-pop beat makes for an addictive, hard-to-forget sound. Maggie originally hails from Canada but now resides in Los Angeles, where she’s working with big-time producers like AG (Ciara, Jeremy Massersmith). Handpicked by Perez Hilton as a star on the rise, this is her newest single, ‘Gold’.

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Fono – ‘Feet on the Ground’

United Kingdom

You might remember Brighton producer Fono for his hit ‘Real Joy’, which had an edgy, memorable accompanying music video. His comeback single ‘Feet on the Ground’—a true dance jam that’ll have you on your feet (on the ground, hopefully)— features another great music video with real movie-like quality. The single comes off of Fono’s newest EP, ‘Kinetic’.

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Lincoln Jesser – ‘Lost With You’

United States

If you’ve been looking for a song that gives you that perfect chill night vibe, ‘Lost With You’ with it. It’s the perfect blend of club, soul, and pop that’ll have you fist-pumping from your spot on somebody else’s couch. Lincoln’s vocals are earnest and pure, perfectly layered to a relaxed dance beat.

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Sonny Mackenzie – ‘New Crush’

United States

Sonny’s strong Ariana- and Mariah-like vocals will immediately draw you in, and the catchy, poppy tune of ‘New Crush’ will keep you hooked. It’s a classic feminine song similar to the sound of JoJo and early Taylor Swift, with a fun music video to match.

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Ava Lily – ‘Painkiller’

United Kingdom

Ava Lily was discovered by Naughty Boy from singing covers on YouTube, and when you hear her vocals, you’ll immediately understand why. ‘Painkiller’ sounds like it would be right at home on the ‘Great Gatsby’ soundtrack (you know, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio). Ava describes the song as “very self-destructive and basically me thinking I’m hurting loads of people but in reality I’m just hurting myself.”

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AURORA – ‘I Went Too Far (MK Remix)’

United Kingdom

Off her most recent album ‘All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’, Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora’s single ‘I Went Too Far’ gets an edgy remix by MK. Aurora has been doing the festival circuit in the UK this summer, proving why her music has gotten over 90 million streams on Spotify. MK has remixed some massive names in music, and his touch takes ‘I Went Too Far’ to the next level.

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Vancouver Sleep Clinic – ‘Lung’

United Kingdom

Only 18 years old from Australia (not Vancouver, funnily enough), Tim Bettinson is the brainchild behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Tim used his experience volunteering in Cambodia and the Philippines to inspire ‘Lung’ and other music, and he says the song “follow[s] the journey of finding my place in the world and finding my feet in what I was doing.” Producer Al Shux (Jay Z, Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys) put the song together.

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