‘The BFG’ is being brought to life in the best way possible


One of our favourite childhood stories was ‘The BFG’ – it’s enchanting, full of magic and has an incredible meaning. It taught us a very important life lesson, which was not to judge other people. And now? A new generation of kids will get to learn that invaluable lesson this summer, when ‘The BFG’ is released in cinemas.


‘The BFG’ tells the story of a young girl from London named Sophie, who meets a mysterious Giant – The BFG to be precise. He introduces Sophie to the wonders that lie within the Giant County. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Mark Rylance as The BFG and newcomer Ruby Barnhill as Sophie, so we’re definitely in for a treat!



We can’t wait to see this beautiful story brought to life in an entirely new way. The CGI looks absolutely breathtaking in the trailer – and we have no doubt that it will look even more incredible in the cinema. ‘The BFG’ is out in UK cinemas on July 22.

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