Why’s everybody talking about NARBs? Hint: it’s Nick Jonas’ fault


Okay, well, first of all—what even is a NARB? We hadn’t heard of the term until Nick Jonas appeared on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, explaining that a NARB is a No Apparent Reason Boner. Aka, when you pitch a tent and can’t identify a known cause. Thanks for that vocabulary lesson, Nicholas.


Anyway, everyone’s been discussing NARBs lately because Mr. Jonas decided to share a story with Jimmy (and the live audience… and eventually the world) that he’d never told anyone before. Apparently, Nick had been out celebrating a new single release, and someone had offered him a lick of a weed lollipop. He woke up the next morning still feeling the effects, (“Everything was in slow motion,” he explained) but had to attend the Young Hollywood Awards.


And poor Nick pops a NARB on the ride over.


So how did he decide to handle it? Well, you might notice Nick struck the exact same pose on the red carpet as he did on stage, all night long.


nick jonas jimmy fallon narb 1
Image via YouTube


So actually, Nick Jonas has taught you two things: what a NARB is, and how to cover one up.


nick jonas jimmy fallon narb 2


You can watch Nick’s entire interview with Jimmy Fallon here.


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