Niall Horan just wants a family day at the horse races, free of shit interviews


Sometimes it’s hard to feel bad for celebrities—except when they’re as genuine and adorable as Niall Horan. How could you not have some level of empathy toward him today when a particular news source ran a story about the Royal Ascot, claiming they ran into Niall but didn’t even know who he was. (Uh, why would you have been clamoring for an interview if you didn’t know who he was?)


It appears this news source took such an attitude in order to hide their embarrassment that Niall wouldn’t actually give them the time of day.


“I didn’t even know who he was anyway,” the news source tweeted.


“What are you on about mate? I was having a day out with my family who also enjoy horse racing big time,” Niall tweeted in response. “I’m not there to stand infront of cameras and do shit interviews for you.”


One Direction’s longtime publicist Simon Jones even added his two cents, taking to Twitter as well to say, “Sad that [they] are tweeting this crap, because someone didn’t stop to give them an interview on a family day out.” Where can we sign our agreement?



Maybe the focus should be more on Niall’s fantastic race day outfit instead. Polka dot tie for the win.

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