It looks like we’ll be getting the birds and the bees talk from Andy Samberg and Jennifer Aniston…


We’ve definitely all had that awkward conversation with our parents in our pre-teens about love, relationships and how babies are made. Now, imagine being given that life lesson from The Lonely Island’s funny man, Andy Samberg – are you laughing just at the thought? Because we definitely are. Later on this year that will become a reality with new animation ‘Storks’.



‘Storks’ is all about a group of storks who live on Stork Mountain and make deliveries for a global retailer, but things get interesting when the Baby Making Machine is discovered. Junior is the top delivery stork, and he’s about to get a major promotion until he accidentally makes a cute little baby. Determined to deliver the little bundle of joy, before his boss finds out – Junior and his friend Tulip go on a wild new adventure.


However the first-ever baby drop may not be as easy as they had hoped. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but if all goes to plan Junior and Tulip may be able to restore the storks’ true meaning in the world – to bring happiness and new life into the world. Isn’t that beautiful?


Joining Andy Samberg in this incredible cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Jordan Peele, Kelsey Grammar, Ty Burrell and Keegan Michael-Key.


‘Storks’ is out in cinemas on October 14, 2016. 

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