Netflix launches new service to make old school mixtapes from content on the site


“Like a mixtape – but for Netflix” is the slogan of the newly launched (and pretty cool) service ‘Flixtape’ by Netflix. The basic motivation by the idea is for customers to create video based playlists of all their favourite Netflix TV programmes and films. It’s extremely simple to use and opens up a new world for Netflix, stepping into more of a social section of the internet.

On Flixtape, the main idea is for you to be able to create your own playlists of content and share them with your family and friends. However, it also has options for random shuffling of playlists where Netflix will create a playlist based on ‘heat’ or ‘comedy films’ – the list is pretty endless. Now the fun can really begin…

The ‘Kiss and Tell Flixtape’ – one of the many random suggestions

This ultimately seems like a really fun idea, and we are going to have hours of fun creating some playlists and sharing them all over the internet. Additionally, what’s really great is that the random ‘generator’ of flixtapes will give us a chance to discover stuff we might not have realised was on the site before. This could actually cut the HOURS of deliberating what to watch – thank god.

The only snag is that the amount of content you can add to each flixtape is very limited – but at the moment, is that really the biggest issue in the world?


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