Britney Spears is back: We rank eleven singles from worst to best


So this is pretty much guaranteed to be the impossible task. Out of her 42 singles released (how crazy is that), only 11 are being shortlisted to create the ultimate Britney Spears top eleven playlist from worst to best.

FYI: It was going to be a top 10 but there was an impossible decision involving ‘Toxic’ and there had to be a bit of a reshuffle. Nonetheless, the list is now about as good as it can be.

Before the reveal is kicked off, they’re are five tracks which unfortunately didn’t make the cut despite being incredible. So, a round of applause for ‘Circus’, ‘Womanizer’, ‘Break The Ice’, ‘Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna)’ and, of course, ‘Lucky’. Okay… let’s go!

11. Make Me…

This one has been added simply because it is the newest Britney tracks we have in our hands. The track itself is a great new direction for Britney, who has recently had a major revival which indicates that her forthcoming album will be nothing less than amazing. In time this single could grow on this list or it could plummet to the bottom – who knows? Only time will tell us that.

10. Work Bitch!

Ah of course, the infamous lead single from the disastrous album ‘Britney Jean’. The killer tracks opens with the iconic line “You want a hot body, you want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch”, before storming into the EDM filled chorus of all things sassy Britney. And of course the middle-8 breakdown is something special before slamming into that chorus one final time.

9. Till The World Ends

This track is slowly becoming a staple to every Britney fan, as it is the famous closer of her ‘Piece of Me’ show in Las Vegas, and of course closed the Femme Fatale tour (the same album it’s lifted from). The final chorus with the amplified production combined with the infectious “oh oh oh’s” throws this track way ahead of the other singles at the time. It’s just such a shame that the track underperformed in the UK.

8. If You Seek Amy

Britney is never really one to shy away from controversy, and this one pretty much is as bad as it got. Whilst the production genius from Max Martin keeps the track spinning round in your head for weeks, it’s the clever lyrics and play on words about a seemingly innocent girl ‘Amy’. Of course we all know that’s not the case, but still an incredibly clever tease. Oh and don’t forget the nod to ‘…Baby One More Time’ with “oh baby, baby” throughout the middle-8.

7. Toxic

Iconic video and a half. At the time this video was huge and plastered all over music channels. There’s just something about seeing Britney in a blue airline uniform that just worked seemingly to perfection. Still, after twelve years this song is still as huge as the day it was released. The power of Britney, ey?

6. Oops! I Did It Again…

That red catsuit. Just. This track was highly regarded as the sequel to ‘…Baby One More Time’ in terms of it’s huge success and level of iconic appreciation all around the globe. The lyric “I’m Not That Innocent” was a taste of a slightly more mature and darker Britney that was to follow in coming years.

5. (You Drive Me) Crazy

For those of you who may have Britney’s first album, this track had a completely different mix on the album. It wasn’t until it was decided to be a single that it had a huge transformation to the version we all know and love to this date. Somehow pulling off that green shiny crop top, Britney proved that she was able to have further hits after the mammoth success of her debut single.

4. I’m A Slave 4 U

The first true taste of a more mature Britney and oh how incredible it was. The track showed that instantly familiar Britney’s vocals could work in a more sexier setting, a platform which she used in many years to come. And, obviously not forgetting the snake performance which Britney recently spoke about in an interview claiming “It’s insane! Why did I do that? It’s so dumb”.

3. Gimme More

The huge comeback. Slightly disastrous HOWEVER, the album she came out with, ‘Blackout’, was one of her best in terms of musical style and cohesiveness (and includes ‘Piece of Me’ and ‘Break The Ice’ which narrowly missed this list). This single proved it with its catchy hook and delivery of vocals. The track still feels fresh even to this day, and why not when the most iconic three words open the song “IT’S BRITNEY BITCH”. The track has since gone on to become a huge fan favourite especially when performed on her ‘Piece of Me’ shows in Las Vegas.

2. Everytime

One of the most beautifully written and delivered songs that Britney has ever recorded. The track has become even more poignant over time after her high profile breakdown in 2006 and 2007. The video of this song focuses on the effects of a relationship breakdown within the eye of the media and the world. The track is beautifully delivered by Britney and is amplified by the emotional middle-8 which softly climbs into the final chorus, done incredibly well.

1. …Baby One More Time!

It really didn’t seem right that any song other that this went to Number One. The opening scene in the video with Britney tapping her pencil, storming into the opening of the track revealing the iconic school girl outfit which would be a staple memory of Britney for years to come, just proves how much of an impact this video made. The track itself is one of the most successful of all time as it sold 500,000 copies just on its opening day of sales. Pretty incredible, right?

So there we have it. Britney has been a key member of the music industry for the past seventeen years and with the release of brand new single ‘Make Me’ and the success of her Piece of Me shows, it’s pretty obvious that her position is still held firm. So here is to years more of Britney – after all, it’s Britney, Bitch!

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