Taylor Swift’s secrets of her Starbucks Lovers are about to be unveiled


Thanks to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, there will soon be a Taylor Swift themed detective novella released into the world.


Taylor Swift Lorde Detective


Written by Larissa Zageris and illustrated by Kitty Curran, the book is about an out of work actress in New York City, who finds threatening messages on her skinny mocha Starbucks drinks.



They’d obviously like to reiterate, it’s in no way authorised by Swift. Lorde also appears in the ‘Nancy Drew’-esque novel as Taylor’s Kiwi ‘muscle’, speaking about her addition to the book Kitty said, ‘While Lorde is a badass, she is so ethereal and poetic in her ways that making her the tough one in the book just seemed hilarious to us. We also needed a good foil for the more poised, level-headed detective figure of Taylor Swift and she fit the bill perfectly.’

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