Is Liam Payne our new favorite YouTuber?

We already knew Liam was multitalented, but he never fails to amaze us with his versatility.


You may think you know everything about Liam Payne but let me tell you, that man is full of surprises.

On April 26, he took to YouTube to start his new career: becoming a vlogger. Each Sunday, he uploads a video in which we get to know him a bit better (and fall in love with him even more). Not only do we get to hear his voice more than usual and laugh at how cute he is, but we almost get to experience what it would be like to FaceTime him as a friend and hear about his day.

Liam wants us to understand what is going on in his life and keep us updated during these strange quarantine times.  He decided to record a piece of his days at home, tell us all the tea, and discuss topics he thinks we would love to hear — even funny videos he’s been watching.

While most of his vlogs are lighthearted, he does take time to talk about his work with The Trussell Trust, which helps end the need for food banks in the UK. We love how proud he is to be a part of this noble cause. From getting involved at his local food bank to playing poker with Bryan Cranston, he is doing what he can to help.

One of our favorite moments is when he talks about his son, Bear; it completely melts our hearts the way Liam talks about him. Just imagine how many cute bits these two share!

After binge-watching all of his vlogs, we’ve rediscovered all of Liam’s talents. Not only does he has such a great sense of humor (and really know how to style his own hair), but his cooking skills are also pretty impressive. We never knew how much we needed a cooking class with him until now.

One of the most impressive crossovers is when his chef skills mix with his rapper skills to give us the amazing tune, “I Love Cookies.”

Now we can’t wait for Sundays to come because we miss him so much! Go and watch this week’s vlog now — and catch up with the old ones if you haven’t seen them — and let us know what you think on the comments down below and tweet us @UnitedByPop

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