6 Harry Styles-inspired sunglasses for summer

Harry treated us to three new pairs of sunnies in his Watermelon Sugar video. Find your summer sunglasses inspiration looking back at some of his best sunglasses looks over the years.


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Harry Styles is a man of the people — and a man who can carry off any pair of sunglasses. Specialising in Gucci and vintage glasses, it takes a certain level of confidence to mix and match shapes and styles the way he does, but Harry loves fashion and isn’t afraid to take a risk.

1. Red heart-shaped sunglasses

harry styles watermelon sugar music video gif2

Starting with “Watermelon Sugar.” If you aren’t streaming already, help the single climb the charts by pausing the video and watching it on repeat it to admire Harry in a new pair of sunglasses. (Three pairs of sunglasses means at least three replays, right?)

Harry Lambert treated us to a close-up of the red love heart sunglasses on his Twitter. They are fun, whimsical, and will photograph really well throughout the year, giving you the perfect Harry attitude for summer.

2. Blue plastic circular sunglasses

harry styles watermelon sugar music video gif

Gucci make a typical appearance in the “Watermelon Sugar” music video with some bold, blue circular sunglasses that would do well with an unplucked eyebrow. Paired with the yellow Bode flower shirt (anyone hoping for some Bode tour looks? I am!), these immediately scream authority. One look in these and people will be falling over themselves to help you out with whatever you need. Can you spot them in the Rolling Stone photo below?

harry styles blue sunglasses rolling stone 2019
Photograph by Ryan McGinley for Rolling Stone

3. Classic tortoiseshell sunglasses

harry styles blow dryer backstage

If you are looking for something likely to be in your price range, we only have to look at Harry’s HSHQ photo from Hong Kong for inspiration (which just happened to be my lock screen for around a year). QUAY confirmed that Harry is wearing their Walk On style. These tortoiseshell shades can be worn to any family gathering and do well with plain T-shirts if that is more your style. Purchase the exact pair here.

4. Big, sparkly, square sunglasses

How could we forget 2018’s iconic Halloween outfit? Harry was bedazzled to perfection in a custom replica of Elton John’s crystal jumpsuit. We aren’t saying that the sunglasses make this outfit when clearly the jumpsuit and the hat would win any Halloween costume, and be worthy of any theme at The Met Gala, but there is something about these pink Gucci glasses that means we can’t look away.

5. Barbie pink plastic sunglasses

harry styles pink sunglasses kissy

If the crystals are one step too far for you, these large pink frames are maybe one step more subtle. Still Gucci, still going to be complimented at every opportunity, these are perfect for pretending you are on that jetsetting vacation when we all know we’ll be staying home this year.

6. Rectangular statement sunglasses

harry styles gucci cruise show 2019 backstage

Wrapping up his third pair of pink sunglasses with a look that deserves all the attention and has been too quickly forgotten is the gold and pink rectangular oversized Guccis. Worn at the Gucci Cruise show in 2019, where he performed with Stevie Nicks and walked around exuding beauty and talent, these seem somewhat more practical than the other pink options and still give those vintage vibes.

It’s very important to protect your eyes! We are always reminded to put on suncream but most people don’t realise that their eyes can also get sunburnt from too much UV light. As someone who has had sunburnt eyes too many times, and who also now wears gold glitter glasses everyday, I didn’t realise how much fun wearing glasses could be until I found the right pair. Looking back through Harry’s best sunglasses choices over the years, I hope you’ve found something that’ll not only make you feel good, but will help you look after your eyes too. So that you can watch more Harry Styles videos, obviously. Let us know if you want a part two to this article as there are still so many underrated looks out there that absolutely need more of attention!

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