Going In Style – Official Trailer


Going In Style is the new comedy film directed by Zach Braff (Dr. John Dorian in Scrubs and the director of 2014’s ‘Wish I Was Here’) and stars the legendary actors Morgan Freeman (‘Million Dollar Baby’), Michael Caine (‘The Italian Job’) and Alan Arkin (‘Little Miss Sunshine’). The film follows in the vein of 2013’s comedy ‘Last Vegas’, which focused on the older generation getting into different debauchery in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now this film follows the 3 older men planning a bank heist after their pensions are stopped.

The film stars 3 Oscar winners Freeman, Cain and Arkin as best friends Willie, Joe and Al. They decide to go against the law once their personal pension is taking of them by a huge corporation. The trailer is packed full of comedic moments with my favourite being a line said by Caine. With a security asking ‘do they think they’re the 5 O?’ Caine replies ‘we’re more like the 8 O’. The trailer doesn’t hang up on the fact the cast is a generally older cast and also doesn’t play down that the older generation a lot of the time are seen as incompetent do tasks the younger generation do.

The film is set to be released next April globally.

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