BREAKING: Camila Cabelo leaves Fifth Harmony


Yes, ladies and gents, the rumours are true. Camila Cabello has decided to leave Fifth Harmony.  Deja vu? I feel like I’ve gone through this before with Zayn. So naturally, I knew how to handle this situation. Tweet about it excessively and laugh/cry at all the tweets.

BREAKING: Camilla Cabello leaves Fifth Harmony 1
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The news was officially confirmed by a post from the Fifth Harmony girls on their twitter account. Read it below.

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My coworker, Cass, and I both finished work and we ended up next to each other at the traffic lights. I put my window down and she looks at me and says “Camila left Fifth Harmony”. That’s how I found out. I was shocked at first but kind of knew it was coming. Of course, I replied, “so it’s Fourth Harmony now?” I thought that line was hilarious but I’m weird so whatever.

I think we all knew it was going to happen eventually. Camila has released a few solo songs featuring other musical artists. And they aren’t that bad. But it’s good that it’s all out in the open and confirmed. However, we’ve yet to actually hear from Camila herself.

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As I scroll on twitter, I can see the undying support for Fifth H4rmony (see what I did there?) and I just know that they’ll come back stronger than ever. Their third album will be the best they’ve ever produced. Everything happens for a reason. Their fans aren’t going anywhere.

In saying that, I wish Camila all the best in her future music career. I know she too will smash it on the charts. Her voice is incredible and she’s just so adorable. Good luck Camila. All the love.

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