Interview: Abi Hudson on debut single ‘Fragile Around You’


Who is Abi Hudson?

Abi is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Bromley and has been on our radar at United By Pop. We’re pretty awesome at spotting amazing talent aren’t we, let’s be fair? Abi’s got some amazing acoustic/pop vibes and of course an absolutely stunning vocal range. Not only that, but she also plays both piano and guitar. There is no end to her talent!

Her new track ‘Fragile Around You’ showcases exactly that. Her music style has been compared to the likes of Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush. Despite these comparisons, I really do think that Abi is an artist that can be set aside from the rest. If you don’t believe me, check out her video for the track.

We caught up with Abi and chatted all about her debut single, songwriting and THAT Sia cover…

Your new single ‘Fragile Around You’ had you working with producers Terry Ronald and Steve Anderson – for those who don’t know they’ve also worked alongside huge acts like Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears. What was it like working with them?

It was surreal and amazing! They have so much talent and I’m really happy with what they helped me to create. They are also such lovely people and made me feel so relaxed!

Now that you actually have released your first single, do you have to pinch yourself? Like wow, this is actually really happening now?

Yes! I’ve had some great feedback so far and it’s just incredible to know that people are liking my work. You spend ages getting to this point so to have your release well received is such an amazing feeling.

When should we expect to see your music video for ‘Fragile Around You’? Can you give us any hints about what it’s going to be like?

You can expect to see it very, very soon! I don’t want to give too much away, but hopefully, the video visually tells the story of the track in an interesting way…

How about an album? Can we expect to hear one in 2017?

There’s an EP on the way so keep a look out.

You’ve played some pretty iconic venues in London and even busked outside Saint Paul’s Cathedral. If you could pick any venue to play in the world, which one would it be and why?
Well, I guess the O2 arena wouldn’t be bad! I’ve seen some amazing shows there…so it would be great to follow in some of those artist’s footsteps. I also love the Brixton Academy as a venue and think it’s a real milestone venue to play at…

We’d love to see you live – do you have any shows lined up soon?

Yep, I’m playing at The Old Queens Head on the 18th January with Freddie Lord and Ben Noke…and it’s free! Definitely one to check out.

Free? No way?! That’s an opportunity we definitely can’t miss out on! To be a singer and songwriter at the age of 17 is pretty amazing. How do you go about writing a song? Is it purely based on your life experiences?
Yes, it’s really amazing…I feel very lucky to be pursuing this as a career! Normally my songs come from something that’s happened or a way that I’m feeling at the time, I feel like that makes the best songs.

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What advice would you give to any budding songwriters out there who would love to pen a track but don’t know where to start?
It sounds strange but the first step is to get over yourself, but I mean that in a nice way…you have to let go of being self-conscious about sharing your feelings. Try to start with writing something basic it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or ambitious and just get comfortable with that and go from there.

Perhaps slightly cliche, but at what age did you think ‘this is what I want to do’, did anyone influence you? Or did you just have one of the moments where you thought ‘this is the career path I want to go down’?

I think I’ve wanted to be a singer practically since I could talk. It was probably when I started playing the guitar and writing songs in my early teens that I firmly decided that it was what I HAD to do.

Your cover of the track ‘Chandelier’ by SIA is incredible! If someone were to cover ‘Fragile Around You’, would there be a particular artist you’d think would do it justice?
Well, speaking of SIA, she would be welcome to cover the track if she liked…haha! I think lots of people could do it justice so long as they put their own interpretation and spin on it, if someone makes a cover track a bit their own it makes a massive difference.

You can listen to Abi’s track ‘Fragile Around You’ on Spotify now. Don’t forget to get tickets for Abi’s unmissable gig on January 18th at the Queens Head too. You can get tickets here.

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