The first official ‘Dunkirk’ poster is here – and it’s great


After months of waiting patiently, Warner Bros have released the first official ‘Dunkirk’ poster. Yes, that war film that features our beloved Harry Styles. I’m assuming that’s the only reason most of you will see this movie. Honestly, same.

This will be my reaction as soon as Harry appears in ‘Dunkirk‘:

The first official 'Dunkirk' poster is here - and it's great 1
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Y’all feel me on this? Thought so.

So what’s ‘Dunkirk’ all about? The film focuses on the evacuation of hundreds of British and Allied troops from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk, France. It’s set in World War II so if you’re a fan of war movies, you’ll want to check this one out.

Is it just me or is anyone really keen to see how well Harry can act? Maybe this will lead to more roles in other movies? Only time will tell. What film do you think Harry should star in next?

The first official 'Dunkirk' poster is here - and it's great 2
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So I guess it’s time to check out the poster right? BOOM, here it is.

The first official 'Dunkirk' poster is here - and it's great 3

Can you see the resemblance between Christopher Nolan’s other feature film posters? I think we found Mr. Nolan’s signature move, am I right?

‘Dunkirk’ will be fighting it’s way to cinemas in 2017. I’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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