A roundup of the greatest Christmas movies of all time


Christmas is now approaching at high speed, and it’s that time of year where we sit down and watch all those classics over and over again. I mean, what is better than getting comfy, with a nice box of chocolates and getting festive. So what are some of the best movies that NEED to be on your watch lists this year? Well, it’s a good job I’ve already picked out the best selection for you. You’re welcome.

To calm any disputes – this is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.


1. Elf


Kicking off the list is ‘Elf’ which could land itself as one of the best movies of all time. The adventure of innocent Buddy in New York is a true favourite by man and is sure to get you in that festive mood.


2. The Santa Clause

What happens when Santa dies? Well of course, your Dad takes on the position – OBVIOUSLY. This is one of those movies which really is a classic and you can get away with watching it every year and still love it as much as the day you first watched it.


3.The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the greatest from Tim Burton which shows Jack who happens to stumble upon ‘Christmastown’ and hatches a plan to take over by kidnapping Santa. Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend such drastic action but then again – it’s Christmas.


4. The Grinch

He’s just misunderstood!


5. Home Alone

A true classic. And of course, Kevin really is the star of the movie with the greatest plan in the world to get rid of those pesky robbers. As with most Christmas movies, there is a nice lovely happy ending. N’aw.


6. Christmas With the Kranks

This is my all time FAVOURITE Christmas movie. It kinda really just highlights the utter mayhem that we all really suffer from over the Christmas period. This movie is guaranteed to get you in the mood for the big day.


7. Miracle on 34th Street

This remake of the classic tells the story of a young girl who refuses to believe that Santa is real and only wants a Dad in her life. This utterly heartwarming film is a MUST watch over the period – preferably on Christmas Eve.


8. Nativity

The newest film on our list and soon to be such a Christmas classic. This comedy always leaves me in tears from laughter at the chaos which occurs from organising a Nativity play with a bunch of primary school children. A gem.


There we go. Have you made your choice yet? If so, grab a hot chocolate, sit down and BINGE. Enjoy.

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