Matt Terry crowned X-Factor UK winner for 2016


The winner of The X-Factor 2016 is… [cue painful and annoying long pause] MATT TERRY!

Matt Terry crowned X-Factor UK winner for 2016 1
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Unfortunately I’m not from the UK, however, I binged the finale on Youtube (as you do). And aww Matt’s reaction when he won was so cute. I’d be the same. So many emotions must’ve been running through his head. His whole life has changed and it’s an incredible feeling. Well done buddy.

And with winning comes a really awesome Christmas song. ‘When Christmas Comes Around’ is Matt’s winner’s single. It was written by Ed Sheeran (say no more, I’m already on board).

Matt Terry crowned X-Factor UK winner for 2016 2
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I listened to it earlier today and I was pleasantly surprised. I have a good feeling that ‘When Christmas Comes Around’ will be an instant modern classic. Because who doesn’t love to add more festive songs to your playlist? Not going to lie but I’ve already bought the song. Oops.

And what’s even more great about this song? Profits have been donated to charity. Now, that’s what Christmas is all about. Giving to other’s in need. I couldn’t be happier with this outcome.

You can buy this festive tune on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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