9 badass ladies who kick ass on TV


TV is packed with kick ass women who are not afraid to speak their mind, and stand up to anyone who gets in their way. However this hasn’t always been the case – with a strong male dominance being prevalent in TV for many years. But times are changing with a new generation of television.

One female that has always stood strong is the infamous Supergirl. Created in the 1960’s, ‘Supergirl’ is a kick-ass female leading the female force, and now she is finally returning to our screens. To celebrate ‘Supergirl’ season one coming to Blu-ray™ and DVD on July 25th, we are taking a look at some kick-ass females that stand strong alongside her.


Rosa Diaz (‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’)


Unapologetic, sarcastic and badass are all words that can be used to describe Rosa Diaz. She can come across as a bit of a narcissist, but always has the best intentions at heart – she does work for the NYPD after all! She completely redefines the role and expectation of women of colour in the police force. And proves that you can kick ass, and look great while you’re doing it.

Carrie Mathison (‘Homeland’) 


Unlike most superhero’s, Carrie Mathison’s perceived flaws are what make her a real hero. A CIA officer on assignment in Iraq, she finds herself in a battle with Al-Queda and an undercover U.S Marine. Compromised by her bipolar disorder, her investigation is far from easy as she faces a constant fight between emotion and strategy. She has plenty to tackle, but rarely falters in the face of fear, remaining tough and ready to take on the dangers of the hidden world of political crime.
Peggy Olson (‘Mad Men’)


First taking to the screen as a stereotypical secretary, everyone’s first perception of Peggy was that she was way out of her depth. But first impressions can be deceiving, and before long Peggy is showing the men how things are done – wowing everyone with her kick-ass ideas. With ‘Mad Men’ set in the 1950’s, Peggy is unpredictable in a male-dominated world and was one of the early powerful women that took to our TV screens.
Olivia Pope (‘Scandal’)


A crisis manager effortlessly running her own firm, Olivia Pope is the ultimate kick-ass specialist when it comes to political problems. Known as the only dramatic protagonist played by a black woman on American TV since 1974, she is powerfully professional as she defends the president of the United States. Whilst feminine in her style and taste, behind her pretty exterior she is the ultimate boss as she leads the ‘gladiators’ that stand alongside her in a series of complex missions.
Buffy (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’)


With the ability to battle any demon or dark force that she is faced with, Buffy is the ultimate kick-ass against supernatural danger. Contributing to the rise of girl-power in the 90’s, she is far from the damsel in distress. Instead a fearless heroine with incredible supernatural powers, that could destroy any evil with outstanding ease.
Claire Underwood (‘House Of Cards’)


Wife of devious protagonist Frank Underwood, Claire refuses to let her successful husband overpower her. An impressive lobbyist, she is powerful, humble but also stands as the forefront of a strong environmental non-profit organisation. Surrounded by relentless scheming, Claire never shy’s away from standing up for what she believes in. She refuses to be intimidated by the immense amount of power that surrounds her, and is a real feminine hero.
Debra Morgan (‘Dexter’)


A fearless cop, Debra takes no prisoners with her foul-mouth and bolshie personality. Having to fight off murderous psychos, she is always one step ahead of danger before it even arises. Known as a force to be reckoned with, she is a female that knows nothing of vulnerability and is instead a daring kick-ass female that can scare off any risk.

Arya Stark (‘Game Of Thrones’)


Arya is the epitome of independence and self-belief. Not only did she reject the idea of becoming a ‘lady’, but she also refused to marry and settle for less than she deserves. She might be young but she definitely is wise beyond her years. She is the perfect example of someone who shapes their own reality, and goes after what she wants in life.

Kara Zor-El (‘Supergirl’)


Sent to earth from planet Krypton as a 12-year-old, Kara Zor-El is independent and knows how to stand on her own two feet. With an array of incredible supernatural powers, she has nothing to fear. Competing with her cousin Superman, she effortlessly keeps the earth safe from aliens with her kick-ass female powers.

‘Supergirl’ is available on Blu-ray™ & DVD from July 25, 2016 and on Digital HD now.

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