Interview: Calum Scott on ‘Dancing On My Own’ success and moving on from BGT


Calum Scott might not be a name you’re familiar with right away, but you might recognise him from his stint on Britain’s Got Talent, and his heart-wrenching rendition of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’. The song has now achieved a peak of Number 4 in the Official Singles Chart, become the 32nd most-streamed song from a UK artists with 1.75 monthly listeners, and topped the Spotify Viral Charts in more than 6 countries.

It’s been a year since you appeared on Britain’s Got Talent now, what have you been up to since then?

I am up and down & in and out of the country, performing and writing songs that takes me to incredible places whilst getting love and support from all over the world. I have signed to Capitol Records in the US, filmed my first official music video and my single has just hit its new peak in the Top 10! Been pretty busy!

Calum Scott BGT

The reaction to ‘Dancing On My Own’ has been phenomenal. Did you have any idea the song would change your life as much as it has when you first performed it on Britain’s Got Talent?

The first time I sang it, I got my Mum and Sister to come and listen to what I recorded and they cried! I knew a track that I connected with this much, that seemed to resonate so highly with other people was a no brainer to get it heard by as many people as I could. Now that I have, my old life is unrecognisable.

Has Robyn heard your version of the song? What does she make of it?

Still never heard from her! I’ve tried tweets and stuff but nothing yet. I’d love to thank her as she probably has no idea how a song she wrote has completely changed my life.

This year’s Britain’s Got Talent saw a magician win for the first time. Do you think it’s good that a variety type act has finally won over the usual musicians and dance acts that we see win?

The whole vibe with BGT is ‘variety’. It’s awesome that there is a platform for people to demonstrate their talents whether they win or not. The magician was thoroughly deserving of it.

Have you been working on any original music or can we expect to hear your take on well-known songs more in the future?

Original music is the priority, I’ve been working on original music for some time now to discover myself as an artist, so you should be expecting new music from me very soon.

How long will it be until we hear some new material from you?

I will be performing my original material when I support Jamie Lawson in October. There should be some more content coming very soon though so keep your eyes peeled!

You’ll be supporting Jamie Lawson on his UK tour towards the end of the year. How are you preparing for the string of live dates?

I have a one off gig with Jamie in Pembroke Castle in Wales on 16th July before the tour so I can meet the guy himself and see what we are in for ahead of October! I’m writing all the time too so there will be fresh material for anyone who has seen me before.

United By Pop celebrates what’s trending in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Is there a rising act from the UK and the US that you think the other territory should know about?

I have to admit a friend sent me to a track called ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by Chris Stapleton from the US, such a sick tune! From the UK I am quite excited by Dua Lipa, you should check her out!

Will you be visiting the United States or releasing music there any time soon?

I am actually flying out to LA on Sunday to do some writing and a performance at Apple! Some more music that got filmed and recorded in Capitol Records studio should be coming out soon too…

You can buy Calum’s debut single ‘Dancing On My Own’ on iTunes, here.

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