We made you a quiz to celebrate RM’s 27th birthday

RM turns 27 this Sunday, and ARMY is ready to celebrate!


Namjoon, or RM as you may know him, is the leader of the band of the moment, BTS. He has been with BTS for over eight years and has accomplished amazing things alongside his members.

Namjoon is known for being a patient and fair leader, knowing when to comfort and to toughen up if needed. He’s not the oldest in BTS but he is the best leader in the members’ opinion and in the eyes of many other idols.

RM is composer, a producer, a rapper and a superstar. Namjoon is a handsome clumsy guy who likes small things, cycling, reading, bonsai trees and everything that comes with what ARMY call “Namjooning”.

We don’t know if he’ll be Namjooning on his birthday but you can by taking this quiz and finding out which Namjooning you’ll be doing with him.

Happiest of birthdays to RM!
And happy Namjooning to you taking the quiz!

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