Pick your favorite Quinceañera dresses & we’ll tell you which high heels you’ll get

On this special day, when you symbolically change your shoes over from flats to high heels, you'll want exactly the right pair — and we'll find it for you

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Perfect for fans of One Day at a Time and Jane the Virgin, Once Upon a Quinceañera, the debut YA novel from Monica Gomez-Hira, is a second-chance romance filled with sunshine, dance, crushes and drama that will make you smile from ear to ear.

In the true spirit of the title, we’ve put together the perfect quiz to accompany the read. Simply tell us your favorite dresses from the colors below and we’ll tell you which high heels you’ll get! It really is that simple.

Grab your copy of Monica Gomez-Hira’s ‘Once Upon a Quinceañera’ here.

Don’t forget to let us know your results over on @unitedbypop.

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