Victoria Justice takes her power back in new single Too F*ckin Nice

This one's for all the people pleasers out there


Victoria Justice is on fire right now with her second single of 2021. After seven years of focusing on acting, she made her triumphant return to music in December with the self-care anthem ‘Treat Myself‘. In February, she followed it up with the equally vulnerable but sultry ‘Stay‘.

Now she’s back with another introspective anthem – this time, for all the people pleasers out there. ‘Too F*ckin Nice’ sees Victoria take back her power as she looks back on all the times she didn’t stand up for herself for fear of ‘being difficult’, something we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

Announcing the track on social media, Victoria wrote:

“This sensitive lil Pisces is dropping her anthem for all her fellow peeps out there who have people pleased/made themselves small when they are SO the opposite.”

“This song is for all my fellow #toofckinnice-rs out there who have apologized when they shouldn’t have & didn’t speak up for themselves when they damn well know they should have. TONIGHT we take the power back”

As expected, fans are loving the synth-pop anthem and are already calling it their song of the summer. Victoria’s honesty is a popular focal point of her music, with relatable lyrics such as “I’ll apologise, even when I know I’m right” striking a chord with listeners.

If her previous singles are anything to go by, we’re expecting Victoria to drop a music video for the song shortly. But for now, you can stream ‘Too F*ckin Nice’ here.

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