Maggie Rogers releases music video for Want Want

A song that is upfront about sex, enjoyment, and free inhibition


Maggie Rogers has just released a music video for her new single, ‘Want Want’. Set in a neon blue karaoke bar, donning a powder blue wig, Rogers freely, joyfully, and seductively dances and sings along.

A song that is upfront about sex, enjoyment, and free inhibition, Rogers fully embodies the lyrics and essence of this new synth-pop-rock banger. So much so that her wig ends up flying off toward the end of her head-banging outbreak. Upon releasing Want Want, she called this song her “sex + sensuality + desire anthem.”

Although not much goes on in the video, the electric and catchy song is amplified by Maggie’s excitement. The video is emphatically an anthem for pleasure and fun–to soak in the thrill and serotonin. It’s a catchy playful song full of big electric guitar breaks, comforting pop beats, and loud percussions– it’s sugar and spice and a lot of fun.

Catch Maggie Rogers on her Feral Joy Tour this fall, celebrating the release of her sophomore album, Surrender, out July 29th. Be sure to pre-order your copy!

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