Maggie Rogers releases new song That’s Where I Am

Upbeat and hypnotic, "That's Where I Am" is the lead single on Maggie Rogers' upcoming new album Surrender.


It’s been some time since Maggie Rogers has released new music but look no further because the singer has just dropped a brand new song from her upcoming new album.

Serving as the lead single off of her sophomore album, Surrender, “That’s Where I Am” is a tasteful combination of acoustic and electronic sounds all while being immersed by such powerful and emotive vocals from Maggie herself.

The singer-songwriter wrote and produced the new song with Kid Harpoon, who she had previously worked with on her 2019 debut album, Heard It in a Past Life.

Sharing the meaning behind the new song, Rogers said it was one that she had been holding onto for some time now.

“That’s Where I Am” is a story I’d been carrying around for many years, the story of a love that had been with me and unfolding for a long time,” said Maggie.

And a lot of the events that appear on Surrender, Maggie said, take place in New York City.

“The city’s music and attitude was a big source of inspiration for the record,” said Maggie. “For all these reasons, there was only ever one place we could shoot the video.”

The music video for “That’s Where I Am” is a love letter to the singer’s adopted hometown of New York City, which was co-directed by Maggie Rogers, Michael Scanlon, and Warren Fu. As Maggie confidently strides her way throughout the city, bumping into a few notable New Yorkers, the video encapsulates all of the vibrant and diverse energy the city has to offer.

Featuring twelve tracks, Surrender will explore Maggie navigating stories of anger and peace as well as self-salvation, transcendence through sex, and experiencing freedom through letting go.

Pre-order Maggie Rogers’ new album, Surrender, here.

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