9 questions with William Hinson about his career and new single

Everything you need to know about this upcoming Indie pop singer


Upcoming Indie pop singer/songwriter William Hinson is THE new sensation when it comes to catchy ’90s tunes. With over 7 million Spotify streams you could say that William is really dedicated to his passion for music, especially because he’s a self-starter who began making music in his basement. William only proves how impressive he is with his brand new single ”She’s Hot”, where we can definitely hear the catchy ’90s vibe back. Luckily, William made some time for us to chat about his brand new single and his other achievements in his career so far.

First of all, congrats on your new single! How are you feeling on the new release?

Thank you so much!! I’m so excited for this song to be out. I hope a lot of people will resonate with it.

We hope so too! So first, how did you start making music?

Well it was a cold rainy day in March of 1996….  just kidding. I don’t know really — my whole family is very musical and my uncle is a songwriter so I grew up around music and musicians. My sisters and I were carted to choir every Sunday — you know the deal. I began desiring to write and perform in front of people around the 2nd or 3rd grade.

And what is for you the biggest achievement in your career so far?

Oh man, I just feel lucky that I get to do this as a job. A big highlight was definitely playing at the Georgia Theatre opening for my buddy Jordy Searcy. But just getting to tour and play in front of people/tell really bad jokes makes me feel like I’ve already achieved my dream.

That sounds amazing! Do you have any artists that are inspiration for your music?

Paul McCartney from Wings (these are jokes), John Mayer from the John Mayer Trio (jokes), The 1975 from Manchester, England (…)

And how did you come up with ‘She’s Hot’? Did you think about someone while writing it? 😉

Funny enough, the song is about my girlfriend’s best friend. 😂 She is a close friend of mine (obviously) and she was having a bit of a rough go of it. This song was my way of trying to cheer her up. Reiterating to her that she is actually super great and a lot of the experiences she was going through at the time weren’t a reflection on anything she was doing wrong necessarily. You’ve always gotta remember that you’re hot! You’ve got everything.

OMG, get me a friend like you haha! If you had to describe your music in one sentence what would it be?


Can we expect more from you in the future?

More what? Just kidding — yes you can always expect more terrible jokes from me.

We can’t wait for more music AND terrible jokes. Do you still have things on your bucket list that you want to achieve?

I’d love to record at Abbey Road Studios. Even just go to Abbey Road and be able to go inside would be fine too. I’d love to meet Paul McCartney. Maybe go to New Zealand. Maybe play at least one more show.

Do you have any gigs coming up where we can see you playing soon?

I’ll be playing a few around NC over the next two months — Wise Man Brewing in Winston-Salem on June 11, The Martha Bassett Show in Elkin on June 16. Going on a bit of a West Coast run in August, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that. 🙂

Thank you William for your time. We’ll definitely will check out for more music and gigs. If you can’t get enough of William much as we do, then make sure to follow him on his socials.

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