Hayley Kiyoko kicks off pride month with new single Chance

We can't think of a better way to start June


Happy pride month! What better way to kick things off than with a new single from Lesbian Jesus herself? Hayley Kiyoko released her new single ‘Chance’ on 1st June, alongside a dreamy music video which serves as a hopeful queer love story. The track, which follows her latest single ‘Found My Friends’, is a relatable bop about being scared of pursuing a relationship with your crush.

“‘Chance’ is a song based on those moments when I denied my true feelings for someone out of fear of rejection, and therefore didn’t allow someone to take a chance on me”, Hayley explains. “I hope this song empowers people to push past their own self-doubt and realise how worthy they are of love.”

The music video, self-directed by Hayley, was shot on 16mm film with an all-female crew – including actress Alexandra Shipp who co-stars as her love interest. It fits perfectly into Hayley’s existing videography as another beautiful story from the perspective of an authentic lesbian gaze.

Saturated in light colours, the video feels like a summer dreamscape with its warm ambience and stunning backdrops. It’s peak cottagecore as we watch the lovers pick fruit, play cards on a picnic blanket and frolic in the sunshine, while feeling like we’re part of their journey.

Speaking during a livestream before the premiere, Hayley went into more depth about how ‘Chance’ was inspired by her own personal experiences.

“My interpretation [of the music video] is showing you what could’ve happened if I did take a chance on myself, and that love was reciprocated. I wanted to do something sweet, capturing that honeymoon stage of a relationship when two people are in love and super giddy.”

“I think in the theme of pride, we so often reject ourselves. Before we even have an opportunity for someone else to reject us, we just reject ourselves or judge ourselves. I look back at a lot of my adolescence, relationships and opportunities in life and I just see so much rejection from myself.”


Hayley is set to celebrate pride throughout this month with multiple musical appearances. She’ll perform Friday 4th June at ‘Can’t Cancel Pride’, a virtual LGBTQ+ charity event, and will also perform in front of a live crowd at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Saturday 5th June as part of the ‘OUTLOUD: Raising Voices’ concert series.

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