Hayley Kiyoko is finally releasing the fragrance fans have been asking for

And it's available for pre-order now.


It’s official: Hayley Kiyoko has a fragrance!

The new project, which Hayley has already referred to as her “baby,” is something that fans have been eagerly awaiting and dreaming about for years. The singer, who’s widely known as ‘Lesbian Jesus,’ announced the news on Instagram alongside some screenshots of queer fans who previously tweeted about how they’d love for her to create a perfume one day.

“Petition for Hayley Kiyoko to release a perfume so we can recognise lesbians by scent!! I’m out here dying, this is what I need,” one fan proposed, with another writing “I still think Hayley Kiyoko should create a perfume line. Like an actual gaydar? Can you imagine???”

Now their wishes are finally being fulfilled. As expected, Twitter is freaking out over the news — and we’re 100% with them.


Hayley Kiyoko coming to save 2021, who would’ve thought it? Hue By Hayley can be pre-ordered here at $65 for 2.2 fluid ounces.

The scent is described as “audacious” and “designed as an expression of liberation, freedom, and self-empowerment.”

An “irresistible floral fruity fragrance embodies Hayley’s very essence from start to finish. Bold, energetic and just a little disruptive, sparkling top notes of blood orange, watermelon, and freesia unfold into an expressive, feminine heart of blooming peony petals, lychee, rose, and pink magnolia. Warm and cocooning, the background develops into a simple aphrodisiac, as milky undertones of creamy cacao blanc merge with a soft, sensual trail of skin musk.”

“Perfume has been a massive part of my queer experience,” Hayley told Vogue. “I remember feeling famous in middle school because girls said that I smelled good. They wouldn’t date me. They didn’t have crushes on me. But they said I smelled good, and that was like a huge thing for me, and I’ve carried that throughout my life. I want to give that power and that armor to my fans, even if they’re sitting at home!”

All preorders will also include a limited-edition HUE-scented surprise and a special keepsake note from Hayley!

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