Arlo Parks is a poetic ray of light with the release of her debut album

Here's an artist for you to put on your list of new music to listen to.


Just yesterday was when I was introduced to London’s own poet/singer Arlo Parks. And after listening to her music, needless to say, I am hooked.

At only 20 years old, Parks has already made an impression that she’s a singer/songwriter who is one to watch. In 2018, she caught the attention of BBC Radio’s DJ Jess Iszatt after she began uploading her demos to BBC Introducing, which is the radio’s platform for unsigned talent.

And her persistence paid off because soon after, Parks soon found a manager who would help her release her debut single, “Cola.”

Fast forward to 2021, with the release of Parks’ debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams, she is making waves again and is receiving praise for the vulnerability and versatility she has captured on this record. Truly, Parks is a sensational artist we should all be watching.

On Collapsed In Sunbeams, Parks’ voice is not only delicate but also is reminiscent of a ray of light. Every single track on this album is just pristine. But on songs like “Hurt,” “Hope,” Green Eyes,” “Caroline,” and “Eugene,” she shines lyrically and surely proves that she is singing from the heart; just like the true poet, she is.

And for those who are madly and deeply in love with listening to lo-fi sounds, on the deluxe version of Park’s debut album, she’s created eight lo-fi tracks for you to listen and enjoy to.

With the release of her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams, Arlo Parks recites poetry like no other and has created a perfect piece of music that will have everyone enjoying.

You can now stream Arlo Parks’ debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams here.

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