BTS’ collabs you should check out

BTS have worked with some insanely talented people in their nine-year career.


BTS have worked with some insanely talented people in their nine-year career. They borrowed their voices, worked on lyrics and even on the production of songs with other artists.

We got you a quick list of some of the best collaborations between BTS’ members and other artists, in case you haven’t got the chance to listen to them:


That That – Psy (prod.&feat. SUGA)

The most recent work SUGA has released with another artist is this huge project for Psy, who hasn’t dropped any songs in a long time. Psy told the press that SUGA was the one who approached him saying that he had a song for him and that’s how the collaboration happened for the duo. However, SUGA has mentioned that his intention was to produce the song and “run away” but Psy got the rapper to feature in the song and star in the movie video with a very intricate choreography. We wouldn’t want it any other way! The song and the movie video turned out amazing and that’s one of the best collabs of 2022 so far.

Girl Of My Dreams – Juice WRLD feat. SUGA

This collab was a huge surprise to Juice’s fans that did not expect Korean lyrics with one of the songs from the posthumus album. The song is a love song, almost a declaration of love to Juice’s dream girl. SUGA’s piece shows a different side of that love. It’s refreshing to see how well both rappers had their own styles fitting so well together.

Blueberry Eyes – MAX (feat SUGA of BTS)

After collabing with MAX as Agust D with Burn It, this friendship resulted in this collaboration. Blueberry Eyes is a song MAX wrote about his wife and SUGA, after listening to MAX’s album, handpicked it to write his own verse. In the end he left a cute message for ARMY in the middle of his verse – “U A R E M Y light”. This love song turned out to be a double declaration of love.

Eight – IU (prod.&feat. SUGA)

IU is one of the most successful soloists in South Korea and Eight is another track that SUGA produced besides being in it. The result was a song that takes us on a road to reminiscing young love. IU’s sweet voice and SUGA’s rap are a great and refreshing combination. Back when it was released in 2020, fans praised both artists for working together in this amazing track.

SUGA’s Interlude – Halsey feat. SUGA

This song came out after the blossoming of Halsey and BTS’s friendship and Boy With Luv. Halsey chose SUGA among all the members because she connected with his solo work as Agust D, where he talked about his mental health and hardships. The song brings up the topic of troubles associated with fame. SUGA’s Interlude is part of Halsey’s album Manic.


Old Town Road – Lil Nas X (feat. RM of BTS)

Back when Old Town Road dropped and it became this huge success that people couldn’t get enough of, Lil Nas X dropped a few remixes of the song with different artists, and he picked RM to be one of them. This collab proceeded to a performance at the GRAMMYs with Lil Nas X and all BTS’ members. They rocked the stage that day.

Don’t – eAeon (feat. RM)

eAeon and RM have known each other for 6 years and this friendship gifted us two songs with both of their voices. “badbye” from RM’s solo album mono and “Don’t” from the latest eAeon album Fragile which brings up the topic of the fragility of the human soul. “Don’t” is about a tragic and sad end to a love and as you listen to the whole track you can feel the melancholy in it.

Winter Flower (雪中梅) – YOUNHA ft. RM

YOUNHA is an amazing singer and songwriter from Korea and she teamed up with RM in Winter Flower to sing about struggles, mental health, self abasement and where to find comfort. The song passes this huge feeling of fighting for life and finding hope at the end. Both voices mixed well together, delivering an incredible song to both fanbases.


Chicken Noodle Soup – J-hope ft. Becky G

A bop is what you get when you mix the Korean ray of sunshine J-Hope and the sassy Latina Becky G. Inspired by and an interpolated version of the 2006 hit with the same title by Webstar and Young B, J-hope used the song that influenced him to pursue dancing to create his own hit. The song mixes Korean, English and Spanish and it’s perfectly balanced with the best of J-hope’s and Becky G’s worlds.


Snow Flower (ft. Peakboy) by V

2020 was ending when inspired by the happiest time of the year, V decided to give fans a small snippet of his solo work after the rumors of a mixtape were out. Alongside one of his best friends in the industry, Peakboy, V released “Snow Flower” on Christmas Day in Korea. A pleasant surprise for every single one of ARMYs all around the world.


With You – Jimin & HA SUNG WOON

Jimin’s first solo endeavor was this collaboration with his good friend Ha Sung Woon for the k-drama Our Blues (available on Netflix). The song is a beautiful ballad full of promises and love confession. For Weverse Magazine, Jimin mentioned how it was always a plan between him and Sung Woon to make a song together if they ever made it big. They kept their plans like a promise and hopped on the first opportunity to work together when it came up. We’re grateful that they did, “With You” is a beautiful must-add to your playlist kind of song.


Left And Right – Charlie Puth (feat. Jungkook of BTS)

The newest addition to BTS’ solo collabs is this cute track Charlie Puth worked on with Jungkook. The song is about a love you can’t forget, with an upbeat vibe despite the lyrics and it’s the perfect pop song to listen to all the time. According to Puth, he was the one to approach Jungkook to work on the song together and the singer said yes in a heartbeat and put a lot of effort into recording it. The song turned out amazing and we’ll be listening to it non-stop.

Now that BTS is entering a new chapter of their career, we’ll be able to witness more of their solo works with different artists. We’re in for a few surprises along this chapter.

Which collab in this list is your favorite?

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