BTS address anti-Asian hate crimes at the White House

President Biden invited BTS to the White House for a very serious cause


It’s clear to everyone who has heard of BTS the huge positive influence they have on people. BTS are the reason why different generations and nationalities come together to do amazing things, and the group has definitely taught us many valuable lessons when the subject is equality and diversity. Knowing the power of their voices, President Biden and the White House invited BTS over to discuss matters of the AANHPI (Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander) Heritage Month.

During the press briefing, BTS addressed the celebrations and other topics like the rise of the number of hate crimes against the Asian community. The leader, RM started the introductions and added “It’s a great honor to be invited to the White House today to discuss important issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion and diversity.”

Jin followed him by saying “Today is the last day of AANHPI Heritage Month. We join the White House to stand with the AANHPI community to celebrate.” Then Jimin brought up the sensitive topic of the hate crimes by saying “We were devastated by the recent surge of hate crimes, including Asian Americans hate crimes. To put a stop on this and to support the cause, we would like to take this opportunity to voice ourselves once again.”

J-hope reminded everyone of the band’s greatest supporters, “We are here today thanks to our ARMY, our fans worldwide, who have different nationalities and cultures, and use different languages. We are truly and always grateful”. The youngest one added, “We still feel surprised that music created by South Korean artists reaches so many people around the world, transcending languages and cultural barriers. We believe music is always an amazing and wonderful unifier of all things.”

SUGA then said “It’s not wrong to be different. I think equality begins when we open up and embrace all of our differences.” And V concluded “Everyone has their own history. We hope today is one step forward to respecting and understanding each and every one as a valuable person.”

The quick but huge presence of the group at the White House left people going on and on about the importance of BTS’ discussing these themes with President Biden, and ARMYs have been through all kinds of emotions today and shared their feelings on twitter.

We hope to see great changes as we move forward with BTS for a better future.

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