GOT7 top iTunes Albums Chart in 101 countries with latest EP

GOT7 are the first group to do this in 2022 and the fastest Asian act ever


Ahgases know that good things take time and a little bit over a week after the release of GOT7’s new EP, GOT7, the release has topped the iTunes Top Albums Chart in 101 countries, proving the global success of their highly anticipated comeback.

With Niger joining the other 99 countries – including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Mexico and Sweden, to name a few – GOT7 are the first group to achieve this feat in 2022, the fastest Asian Act ever, the second K-Pop artist to top the iTunes Top Album Chart in more than 90 countries, the fourth group ever, the fourth Asian album ever and the 18th act ever to accomplish this feat.

With this new EP, GOT7 have also broken their personal sales record. According to Warner Music Korea, on May 31, the EP surpassed the 371,500 initial sales (record sales per week) based on the Hanteo Chart, placing GOT7 at No.5 in the Top 10 Best Selling Albums on Hanteo in May – with 376,443 copies sold. The group’s previous highest record saw the fourth album, Breath Of Love : Last Piece selling 270,000 copies in November 2020.

In addition, the group’s title song ‘NANANA’ has ranked No.1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 75 countries – including Argentina, India, Hong Kong, Oman, Spain and Thailand. Moreover, 24 hours after the EP was released, the title track topped the Genie Top 200 Chart, debuted No.2 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and No.3 on the European iTunes Song Chart; it also debuted No.1 on the iTunes K-Pop Songs Chart in the US. The album topped both Worldwide and European iTunes Album Charts, reached No.1 on the US iTunes K-Pop Albums Chart, and No.2 on the US iTunes Top Albums Chart.

GOT7’s sixteenth EP was released on May 23, exactly 1 year, 5 months and 23 days since the release of the digital single ‘Encore’ – GOT7’s promise to Ahgases to find a way to come back and sing for them. After over a year constellated with amazing new music, movies, and tv series from the seven members, GOT7 have kept their promise to Ahgases and found a way to sing again for them, also thanks to Warner Music Korea, Warner Music Global and the label’s countries divisions, who have incredibly supported the group and the release.

With the EP GOT7 and the concept of moving from one home to another, that led up to the “Homecoming” fancon held in Seoul on May 21 and 22, GOT7 are the sole builders and owners of their new home. A home that has been built on a very solid basement made by an eight years old career and the group’s unbreakable bond.

The EP contains 6 tracks, including the title track ‘NANANA’, and it’s GOT7’s quintessence. All the seven members have actively built this mini-album; for ‘NANANA’, JAY B has entrusted Jackson with the chorus – as previously happened with most loved songs like ‘Page’, ‘Come On’ and ‘Thursday’. ‘NANANA’ is co-written and co-composed by JAY B, with õffshore’s iHWAK and Royal Dive, and arranged by the latter. JAY B is also credited as writer and composer on ‘TRUTH’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’. Youngjae is credited on ‘Drive Me To The Moon’ for the lyrics, composition, and arrangement, Yugyeom is credited as co-writer and co-composer on ‘TWO’, and Yugyeom is also credited with Jinyoung on ‘Don’t Care About Me’ – for writing and composition.

The EP opens with ‘TRUTH’, a song with an 80s – 90s synth line and a sensual R&B rhythm; the song reminds the vibes of DYE’s ‘Poison’ but more sophisticated and mature, also in the vocals and rapping. ‘Drive Me To The Moon’ is a chill early summer song thanks to the lovely instrumentation and arrangement that give the song a lighthearted vibe.

‘NANANA’ has an R&B and hip-hop background, likely influenced by JAY B’s style, and it’s comforting. It’s the perfect background on where the oh-so-famous GOT7’s colours can be appreciated once again after a long time.

‘Two’ is another track with a sensual R&B arrangement, thanks to Yugyeom, who worked on the track – if you listen to his solo release Point of View: You, you will notice it has a very similar rhythm and flow to his solo tracks. The sensual rhythm is paired with lyrics describing a rocky relationship and being in a difficult stage – “Forget the two of us / Let me erase you all night (Let me) / Nothin’ I do can get you off my mind (No) / I’m flyin’ solo I’m drinkin’ every night (Drinkin’ every night) / The two of us can see the end”.

’Don’t Care About Me’ has a chill vibe and amazing vocals, with Jinyoung and Yugyeom delivering a fantastic performance. The EP ends on a heavy emotional note with ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’; it’s a pop and R&B track with an excellent orchestration and a gentle flow; the harmonisations are what will leave listeners amazed.

As good things take time, GOT7 made sure to take all the time they needed to construct a cohesive GOT7 sound – while showing a more mature musical approach in some songs and taking the risk of sharing their raw emotions in the lyrics.

GOT7’s new EP GOT7 is available across all streaming platforms and iTunes.

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