NCT DREAM bring back ’90s hip-hop style with Beatbox

NCT DREAM’s repackage Beatbox has topped the Korean and International charts


NCT DREAM bring back the ’90s hip-hop style and beatbox for their second album repackage Beatbox.

Released on May 30, Beatbox is a repackage of the group’s second album, Glitch Mode – released on March 28 – and in addition to the original album’s eleven tracks it features four brand-new songs: ‘To My First’, ‘Sorry, Heart’, ‘On The Way’, and the title track, ‘Beatbox’.

‘Beatbox’ is an old-school hip-hop-influenced dance track showcasing NCT DREAM’s vocals, incorporating beatboxing. Since the track and its concept were teased, fans expected an incredibly catchy song that gives off positive vibes. And this is what ‘Beatbox’ is; a fun and upbeat track, with a perfect chorus and production and arrangement that focus on highlighting the group’s vocals.

The title track is paired with a colourful and energetic music video, opening with Mark beatboxing and rapping, making the rest of the group and a cheerful crowd appear around him. ‘Beatbox’ also has scenes under the sun, giving it a more lively vibe compared to other visuals. The music video has surpassed 34 million views.

The group have also released the ‘Beatbox’ Performance Stage.

‘To My First’ is the next new track on the album and it’s an R&B-pop song with impressive electric guitar sound, with lyrics expressing the feelings of true love and with Mark’s narration adding a more mature atmosphere. This song will continue the first love series introduced by NCT DREAM with the singles ‘My First and Last’, ‘Bye My First’ and ‘Love Again’.

‘Sorry, Heart’ is performed by the sub-unit formed by Renjun, Haechan and Chenle. It’s an R&B ballad with minimal jazz guitar sound and mature vocals. Vocals – and emotions – are on display, with falsettos and impeccable ad-libs. For this song, the songwriter Kenzie – who has worked with NCT DREAM on ‘Chewing Gum’, ‘We Young’, ‘We Go Up’ and ‘Hello Future’ – has taken part in writing and composing the song.

‘On The Way‘ is an R&B pop song with an emotional synth keyboard sound and a rich vocal chorus that creates a sentimental atmosphere.

After its release, Beatbox debuted at No.3 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart and No.14 on the European iTunes Album Chart. It also hit No.1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 11 countries and debuted on the US iTunes Top Albums chart at No.10.

SM Entertainment has shared that the Beatbox amassed 1.4 million orders ahead of its release on May 30. The group is on its way to becoming triple million sellers for the second time with this comeback. On its first day of sales, Beatbox sold 364,234 copies on Hanteo, becoming the group’s 5th best-selling album on the first day of release and landing at No.1 on the Hanteo Daily Albums chart. The album received the Double Platinum Album status on the major Chinese music platform QQ Music, given to albums that earn more than 2 million yuan ($300,000) in sales.

The title track ‘Beatbox’ was also No.1 on music charts on streaming sites Bugs and Vibe. It debuted at No.11 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and had reached No.1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in various countries. All the new tracks from the repackage entered the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart – ‘To My First’ at No.26, ‘On The Way’ at No.29 and ‘Sorry, Heart’ at No.30.

NCT DREAM’s second album, Glitch Mode – released on March 28 – sold over 2.1 million units within a week of release – NCT DREAM’s highest number of sales ever. The title track ‘Glitch Mode’ achieved an ALL KILL in the MelOn Real-Time Chart, making NCT DREAM the first artist to accomplish the feat in 2022. Glitch Mode followed the success of Hot Sauce, which surpassed 3.42 million sales and topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 37 regions globally.

Beatbox is available on all streaming platforms and iTunes, where fans can download a digital booklet with exclusive photos only available on iTunes booklet. The physical versions of the album – called ‘New School’ and ‘Young Star’ – are environmentally friendly. The album packaging is made of eco-friendly materials, including paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), soybean oil ink that is easily biodegradable, and UV coatings that do not emit volatile organic compounds, reducing the burden of environmental pollution.

Moreover, the seven members each designed a digipack album cover.

NCT DREAM repackage album Beatbox is out now.

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