Ready Player Seven: NCT DREAM are the best players in Glitch Mode

NCT DREAM are ready to play a different game with Glitch Mode


NCT DREAM are back with their second album, Glitch Mode. This release has been rightfully hyped thanks to a series of teasers that saw NCT DREAM introducing brand new concepts for the group and steering away from their teen-polished image. NCT DREAM are growing up and they are demonstrating it with Glitch Mode, a delightful combination of hip-hop, rap, singing, and catchy melodies.

Leading the 11-song album is ‘Glitch Mode’, a blend of hip-hop and dance song with an introductory narration with a dynamic 808 bass that welcomes aboard listeners, and Mark and Jaemin introducing the addictive chorus of the song. The lyrics – with Mark joining in writing the rap verses – express not knowing how to act when they see someone they like, like having a glitch or buffering – the Korean title of ‘Glitch Mode’ is ‘Buffering’.

In the music video for the title track, NCT DREAM are employees/programmers in a futuristic game store and gas station. The group acts and dances between various settings showing the concept introduced with the teaser images and videos. The members show a creative choreography with movements that express the glitch and the buffering. During the press conference, Mark revealed how the Korean movie Attack The Gas Station inspired the music video’s concept, “The concept popped in my mind after listening to ‘Glitch Mode,’ and we wanted to express how everyone’s abnormal. Pink-colored clothing also appeared in our teaser images because the color means an error.”

The album opens with ‘Fire Alarm’, already alerting listeners that this album is a change of direction in NCT DREAM music style; this is a hip-hop song with heavy bass. In ‘Glitch Mode’ and ‘Arcade’, the group play with hip-hop beats and a touch of EDM, blending in harmonisations on the chorus.

‘It’s Yours’ and ‘Teddy Bear’ have more of a pop flavour; both super charming and soft thanks to R&B vocals, allowing the members to show off their beautiful singing.

With ‘Replay’ and ‘Saturday Drip’, we’re going back to the retro-futuristic concept of the album. Thanks to its old-school tempo, ‘Replay’ is a synth-based song with an early 2000s vibe. The clique shows their confidence in ‘Saturday Drip’, and the song drips with coolness. This is the anthem of the album. With the lyrics “One life to live / If you want it / Just come with me” the song is a toast to life.

‘Better Than Gold’ is a smooth funky-R&B song that will make you want to dance.

‘Drive’ is a melodious, cheer-me-up song. It has a sweet piano and guitar instrumental that makes the dreamy vocals stand out. ‘Never Goodbye’ (the Korean title is ‘북극성‘, Polaris, the Northern Star) is a new sound for NCT DREAM, a more relaxed melody that still holds the power to amplify the singing and rapping.

The album ends with ‘Rewind’, a pop song that takes its sound back by mixing R&B beats and vocals.

NCD DREAM’s rap line are listed as lyricists on the album. The four members wrote the par verses for ‘It’s Yours’, ‘Saturday Drip’, and ‘Never Goodbye’. Mark, Jeno, and Jisung are listed on ‘Replay’ and Mark on ‘Glitch Mode’.

Ahead of the album release on Monday, SM Entertainment announced that Glitch Mode surpassed 2,030,000 preorders as of Sunday. This marks NCT DREAM’s highest number of preorders ever.

After the release of Glitch Mode, the album topped Korea’s daily album chart, debuted No.1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, and achieved No.1 on the iTunes Top Albums Chart in 28 countries, including Denmark, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Thailand.

The title track ‘Glitch Mode’ achieved an ALL KILL in the MelOn Real-Time Chart, making NCT DREAM the first artist to accomplish the feat in 2022. The singles ‘Saturday Drip’ and ‘Never Goodbye’ entered the iTunes Top Songs Chart in various countries.

At the time of writing, the music video for the title track ‘Glitch Mode’ has reached 32 million views.

NCT DREAM will open the “Glitch Arcade Center” on April 1. The pop-up store will run until May 29 and includes a photo zone recreating the ‘Glitch Mode’ music video set, an arcade game zone, and a store where fans can purchase exclusive merchandise and the album.

NCT DREAM’s second full album Glitch Mode is available to listen to on all major streaming platforms.

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