BTS’ webtoon gets a brand new soundtrack by Jungkook and SUGA

Jungkook is the voice of the new track produced by SUGA released for 7FATES: CHAKHO


7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS is a webtoon created by HYBE where BTS members are characters of an original tale that tells the story of seven young men bound by fate going through a lot of trials and tribulations to become stronger together and unlock their destiny. Each of the members represent a character in the story, Jin is Hwan, SUGA is Cein, J–Hope is Hosu, RM is Dogeon, Jimin is Haru, V is Jooan and Jungkook is Zeha.

On the last episode, released on February 4, a preview of “Stay Alive” was released giving ARMY a glimpse of the OST. SUGA was quick to comment that the full version was even better, and now it’s out and breaking records. It already holds the record of the biggest debut both in streams and position on the Global Spotify Charts by a Korean soloist in history.

SUGA worked on the lyrics and produced the track that adds to the vibe of the webtoon, he considered the storyline to create a song that could match it and convey the feelings readers might have. Then Jungkook gave life to the track with his emotional voice, adding even more power to the lyrics and production.

The duo worked really well on the song and ARMY can’t quite stop praising it.

If a song made for a webtoon is this good, can you imagine what is waiting for us when BTS drop their new album?

Listen to “Stay Alive” below:

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