Layover rewind: V’s first solo work of a hopeless romantic

We fall in love and get heartbroken alongside the BTS member


V from BTS picked the second half of the year to release his long-anticipated solo music. The first solo album he’s been teasing ARMY with for so long through his social media and live streams, came out in September and it became a million-seller overnight.

V’s solo album, called Layover, is a reflection of a hopeless romantic soul. Each song on the album is about strong and intense love, even when faced with challenges. V sings in both English and Korean and uses his deep voice with beautiful jazz and R&B melodies. V created the perfect album for those people who like him, adore romance and being romanced with slow songs.

He also made a music video for every song on the album. The first two, “Rainy Days” and “Love Me Again,” are different but show V’s unique style. In one, he appears cute and artistic, and in the other, he looks like a top model.

The main song, “Slow Dancing,” is like a dream from a romantic movie, like “The Notebook.” V sings about slow dancing with his lover until morning. What’s great is that the recorded version of the song sounds just like his live performances during the past two months of promotions.

In the song “Blue,” V shows his acting skills in the music video, which is something many ARMYs would like to see more of, perhaps in a new TV drama. Even though “Blue” isn’t my favorite track on the album, I appreciate how V sounds vulnerable in it, and he also portrays this in the video.

My favorite is without a doubt “For Us”, the lyrics and how good he sounds create the perfect song and I can’t imagine anyone else singing it as perfectly as he does. It’s the kind of song that gives you a heartbreak even if you have no reasons at all to be heartbroken.

During promotions the BTS member impressed everyone with his beautiful visuals and gorgeous vocals. His performance with the live band at Tiny Desk Korea is definitely one of my favorites, but I advise you to watch every single live performance V delivered with perfection through September and October.

Share with us your opinion on Layover and your favorite track below.

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