3 YA sequels out in 2023 you might have missed

We are here to recommend three YA sequels that came out this year in case you haven't read them!


Many sequels and finales do not get enough hype so today we are here to quickly recommend three YA sequels that came out this year in case you haven’t read them!

The Night in Question, sequel to The Agathas


The Night in Question by Kathleen Glasgow & Liz Lawson 

This is the sequel to The Agathas, which came out last year. In fact, we chatted with Kathleen Glasgow and Liz Lawson about co-writing The Agathas together. The Night in Question is very gripping, as it sends readers straight into a murder mystery by the first few chapters. It is very enjoyable to read how different the duo, Alice and Iris, are when they are solving the mystery, especially since their friendship is a bit rocky. And same as The Agathas, readers will enjoy the mixed media included in the book. We are definitely excited to see whether there will be a book 3!




Every Gift a Curse, finale to All Our Hidden Gifts

Every Gift a Curse by Caroline O’Donoghue 

Every Gift a Curse is the third and final book in the All Our Hidden Gifts trilogy. For those who don’t know, All Our Hidden Gifts is an incredible series that features tarot cards, Irish magic, and so much more. We have actually chatted with Caroline O’Donoghue before about why it was important to highlight marginalised people in a fantasy seriesEvery Gift a Curse wraps up the trilogy beautifully, with wonderful character development, and more exploration of the found family trope.





Rebel Fire, sequel to Rebel Skies

Rebel Fire by Ann Sei Lin 

The sequel to Rebel Skies does not disappoint. The magical system in Rebel Skies is very complicated, (which you can read more about in our interview with Ann Sei Lin) and it is wonderful to see how this is being built upon in the sequel, even when readers are introduced to new places and new characters. It is also great to learn more about the characters, and read how they tackle with moral dilemmas. With an explosive ending in this book, we cannot wait to see what the gang will be up to in the next book, whenever that is being published!

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