The Kid LAROI joins Jungkook and Central Cee in TOO MUCH

Three countries, three cultures and three amazing artists in one song


The Kid LAROI has taken a step forward in his career with his latest single, “TOO MUCH.” This collaboration brings together an eclectic mix of talents, as he teams up with none other than Jungkook from the global sensation BTS and the rising UK rap star Central Cee. “TOO MUCH” is a captivating glimpse into The Kid LAROI’s upcoming album, set to make its debut in November.

The Kid LAROI has been making waves in the music scene, with one of his most notable successes being a collaboration with Justin Bieber. Now, he’s branching out further, embracing a new artistic venture that sees him uniting with artists from diverse musical backgrounds. This fusion of talents has sent anticipation skyrocketing for The Kid LAROI’s upcoming album, “The First Time” era.

In “TOO MUCH,” the trio delves into the complexities of relationships, particularly a relationship with someone in the spotlight. With intense lyrics, they ponder whether their lover would choose to go through the same journey if given the chance to rewind time, or if the pressures of fame and attention proved to be too much.

The collaboration of The Kid LAROI, Jungkook, and Central Cee brings a refreshing dynamic to the music scene, combining elements of pop, rap, and R&B in a seamless and harmonious manner. It not only showcases their individual talents but also their ability to come together to create something truly exceptional.

“TOO MUCH” serves as a teaser for The Kid LAROI’s highly anticipated album, making fans and music enthusiasts alike eagerly await its release in November. Jungkook is also on his way to impress everyone with his debut single album – GOLDEN is dropping soon and we couldn’t be more excited for both releases.

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