How quarantine reestablished my love for music

There's a simple yet sweet reminder that music has given us during these times.


Everyone can agree that 2020 has been a weird year for us all.

We’ve all been at home quarantining, snacking, and picking up random hobbies that we’ve never tried before. But through it all, we can all agree that one thing that has been super helpful in these long months: listening to music.

Being stuck at home has been a whirlwind experience for me, but listening to music these past few months, I’ve noticed one little thing. Quarantine has reminded me and many others why we love music so much. Many artists this year have released new music, and, though quarantine has put a pause on live shows (I’m thinking of you, Love On Tour), it hasn’t put a pause on the joy and love we feel when we listen to our favorite artists and songs.

Listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore makes us imagine we are living our true cabin core dream. Léon’s Apart reminds us of love and heartache. Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia has us dancing for hours at an end. And pretty much all of One Direction’s discography takes us back to our teenage years and makes us remember how much fun we had. Through it all, whatever music it is that we listen to, it takes us back to sweet pre-2020 memories and has us falling in love over and over again.

Quarantine may have put a pause on live music, and that has been a bummer for a lot of us who just love going to concerts, but it hasn’t put a pause on our excitement and love for when we listen to our favorite songs or artists. More so, quarantine has reminded us that music is our lovely companion during these times.

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