6 artists we want to collaborate with Harry Styles

His friendship with Lizzo has everyone collectively begging for a collab — but she isn't the only one we want to see the pop star make music with.


Harry Styles and Lizzo‘s recent friendship has won our hearts. From Harry’s cover of her hit “Juice” to performing with each other onstage to Lizzo showing off her rendition of “Adore You,” it has us all collectively begging for the pair to collaborate with each other.

But Lizzo isn’t the only pop star we want to see the former One Direction member work with. We came up with some of our favorite artists that would deliver the perfect track alongside Harry and make all our wildest dreams come true.

1. Lizzo

It’s a given that a Harry x Lizzo collab is at the top of our list. The duo has been teasing us ever since Harry’s cover of “Juice” in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge late last year. We got to witness some of their antics during the BRIT Awards — plenty of hand-holding and booze sharing to fulfill our Harry and Lizzo BFF loving hearts. If music isn’t going to happen, at least we’ll have the adorable friendship moments to savor.

2. Mark Ronson


When speculation over Harry’s sophomore album Fine Line began, Mark Ronson was a rumored collaborator from the get-go. Pictures of Harry posted on the record producer’s Instagram had fans thinking he might have a hand in perfecting a potential No. 1. Sadly, they were merely rumors — but the possibility is still there. Someone like Mark Ronson, a record producer responsible for popular collabs like “Uptown Funk,” “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” and “Shallow,” could propel Harry forward even more. And not to mention, the track would be absolute fire.

3. Kacey Musgraves

We loved it when country star Kacey Musgraves opened for Harry on his 2018 tour. If we had the chance to listen to her cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” one more time, we’d take it. Her spot on that stage made his world tour that much more unforgettable. While it’s been nearly a year since it ended, the pair’s friendship still remains strong. Kacey even brought him out as a special guest on the last night of her world tour and sang a stunning duet of her track “Space Cowboy,” giving us all a taste of what would be a lyrical dream team.

4. King Princess

King Princess had one hell of a year in 2019, and 2020 is going to be even better. She was recently announced as one of the opening acts for Harry’s tour this year along with Jenny Lewis and Koffee. Harry has expressed his love for King Princess, tweeting lyrics to her hit single “1950,” catapulting her popularity even further. The possibility of a duet onstage is high and we’ll be waiting in the crowd to capture the moment. Plus, those two raspy voices together on a track would be the stuff of dreams.

5. Steve Lacy

Another addition to our list is Grammy-nominated Steve Lacy. Harry even interviewed Steve when he graced the cover of Man About Town. He asked him about his time with The Internet, his newest album Apollo XXI, and everything in between. The former boybander expressed his love for Steve’s music, and it got us thinking, this might be the perfect beginning to a potential collab. Hey, we can only hope, right?

6. Adele

This might be a long shot… or more likely than we think. It could go either way. The pair were recently spotted hanging out over New Year’s in the Caribbean, causing rumors to fly across the internet. Either way, it got us thinking — what’s better than two of the UK’s hottest musicians making music together? That’s right. Nothing. If we put this out into the universe, it might just happen. (At least, that’s what we’ll keep telling ourselves.)

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