On Our Radar: LANY, Allie X, King Princess and more

Here's a perfect way to wind down summer with a select few chill tunes from some of these rising popstars.


The hot weather is winding down and we’re slowly approaching the chilly autumn breeze. Nothing’s more fitting than some soft, upbeat tunes to keep you on your toes but also longing for the summer months. From LANY to Allie X, these rising pop artists have snatched a spot on our playlist this past month.


LANY – ‘Thru These Tears’

LANY are known for their catchy synth-pop tunes with addicting riffs and futuristic notes and their latest single ‘Thru These Tears’ ventures further into their distinct sound. Telling a tale of yearning and heartbreak, lead singer Paul Klein reminisces on a past love—full of sorrow and remorse. Some would say that this track is about Klein’s recent breakup from rising popstar Dua Lipa—the couple had a very public whirlwind romance for most of last year. While the story behind the song remains a mystery, it delves deep into the idea of finding a bit of tranquility in any heart-wrenching situation. Klein gave his insight on the track in a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 saying, “It’s bigger than a breakup album. This is just about being human and going through the ups and downs.”

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Soccer Mommy – ‘Scorpio Rising’

Soccer Mommy? We’re not talking about minivans and speeding the kids off to sports practice—we’re talking about the rocker musician giving a whole new meaning to indie. Soccer Mommy (aka Sophie Allison) released her debut album ‘Clean’ in March and catapulted her popularity quickly. ‘Scorpio Rising’ is a somber anthem that makes you long for warm summer nights. Allison recalls writing the song when she was especially yearning for home in Nashville while living in New York City while attending NYU: “I was back in New York and missing home and regretting certain feelings that I may have shrouded and held myself back from… I think it’s just a very reflective song. Those reflective moments for me usually come from loneliness and separation from people.” This fall she’ll be taking part in her first headlining tour and also join Kacey Musgraves on her Oh, What a World Tour.

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Wet – ‘There’s a Reason’

‘Still Run’ is Wet’s second album and certainly a piece that holds so much weight. Each track painting a vivid story of heartbreak, miscommunication, loss and grief. ‘There’s a Reason’ shows off lead singer Kelly Zutrau’s silky vocals—ideal for the soothing vibe Wet displays throughout their touching record. The Brooklyn-based band easily slide into a smooth opening—Zutrau coolly crooning “through unrest and stillness” hasn’t been able to leave our brains. Unlike their first album release of ‘Don’t You,’ Wet have always conventionally stuck to a more mysterious sound but with ‘Still Run’ they’ve brought a little vibrancy to their realistic lyrics on modern love and heartbreak.

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Sigala – ‘We Don’t Care’ feat. The Vamps

We can all agree that anything featuring The Vamps is an instant banger. U.K. DJ and producer Sigala has collaborated with the band to create dance-pop greatness. ‘We Don’t Care’ is the quintessential track for partying it up on an exotic island vacation. We’re longing for the sizzling sun and beach waves while bopping to the synth beats of Sigala’s high energy production. With his album ‘Brighter Days’ and U.K. tour on the way, the DJ is expected to pull all the stops for a promising debut that could allow him join the ranks of David Guetta and Calvin Harris. He’s already worked with popular artists like Paloma Faith, Hailee Steinfeld and now The Vamps.

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Allie X – ‘Not So Bad in LA’

Allie X very well might be the next Lady Gaga or even Madonna—her knack for eccentricity and individuality has refined her image as pop’s next big star. After her first album ‘CollXtion II’ established her as a potential pop force to be reckoned with, one could only imagine what insanely out-of-this-world track she’d come up with next. ‘Not So Bad in LA’ is her most recent single from her upcoming album ‘Super Sunset’ which is scheduled to be released late 2018. How’d the singer get the idea for the track that boisterously explores the typical L.A. lifestyle? “I was driving to the dry cleaner and it was really sunny and really nice and I said ‘ah, it’s not so bad in L.A.’ I made a voice memo,” says the songstress. She delves into the superficial living most Hollywood-goers submerge themselves in which doesn’t stray too far from the musician’s dark style.

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Anna Lunoe – ‘Blaze of Glory’

Colorful, vibrant and playful—all the adjectives we’re using to illustrate Anna Lunoe’s single ‘Blaze of Glory.’ As she prances about in the music video alongside her besties, the record is cheerful and lets us travel back in time to our high school days. The Australian DJ and producer doesn’t usually find herself in front of the microphone but with this cheerleader-esque anthem, Lunoe showcases her range as a creative musician. You can’t help but feel empowered while jamming to this tune, choreographing your own moves to it in your bedroom in your spare time. “This is a song about the days you wake up with a bone to pick,” says Lunoe. “When you are over it in all the ways, and you want to kick the ants nest and stir things up.” It’s definitely a song we’ll be blasting when we’re feeling especially catty.

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King Princess – ‘Upper West Side’

She’s swiftly rising to the top and it’s absolutely no surprise. With her crisp, sultry voice, you can’t deny she’s pop power personified. King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus) is a Brooklyn native so naturally a track titled ‘Upper West Side’ isn’t too out of the ordinary. From her EP ‘Make My Bed,’ the slow jam gives off a seductive beat that describes a crush that she hates to indulge in. As the first artist to be signed to Mark Ronson’s record label Zelig Recordings, King Princess has a lot to live up to and she’s exceeding all expectations. We’re waiting with bated breath for her highly anticipated debut album, a milestone that’s hopefully coming later this year.

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Jade Bird – ‘Uh Huh’

Looking for a track that reminds you of classic 60s rock? Jade Bird’s ‘Uh Huh’ is an uptempo edgy record that shows off her killer, raspy voice. She made her debut in 2017 with her EP ‘Something American,’ earning her recognition as a promising folk-pop artist to watch. Rolling Stone even describes the British songstress as “raw and robust, without any heavily layered arrangements or larger-than-necessary backing bands getting in the way.” Bird is also about to embark on her first headlining tour that’ll take her across the U.S. and U.K.—grab your tickets here to witness her power and prowess in person.

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Chelsea Jade – ‘Laugh It Off’

Lorde loves her so we can’t argue with that. Chelsea Jade is unique, glitzy pop at its finest. Her debut LP ‘Personal Best’ is quite possibly one of the most refreshing starts from a female pop musician in 2018. With dreamy, synthetic tracks that make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, you’re bound to get hooked. ‘Laugh It Off’ is just one of those addicting melodic tunes that almost feels like you’re stepping foot into an 80s movie. The singer describes the lyrics as meant to brush off a significant other’s manipulative mannerisms stating, “I wanted to be nonchalant about this other person’s feelings, which seem designed to manipulate me… It’s about rising above but being completely insensitive while you get there. A middle finger on the way up.”

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Broods – ‘Peach’

Desperately searching for a high-energy, sonically-charged anthem to close out August? Broods are back with just the right sound in their newest single ‘Peach.’ It’s a bit of a stretch from their previous releases back from the past three years. After being dropped from Capitol Records, the duo signed with Neon and Atlantic Records to continue their tumultuous and enigmatic pop music career with an expected third album release for 2019. The pair are strong-willed, perhaps due to the fact they’re brother and sister. Georgia and Calab Nott have cemented an electro-pop dream with ‘Peach,’ taking the reigns creatively on their newly transitioned vibe. “People get whiplash after listening to it,” says Georgia. “We didn’t try and tone down the dynamics of it. We were just like, ‘You know what? We’re just going to do what we want.”

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Ralph – ‘Tables Have Turned’

Canada is the birthplace of many talented personalities, a wide range of singers, actors, athletes—the list goes on. We can enthusiastically proclaim Ralph as the most recent addition to that list. The Toronto native radiates vibes that remind us of Fickle Friends and MUNA—electric, addicting pop harmonies. In ‘Tables Have Turned,’ Ralph thirsts for her lover’s affection, her wistful voice sliding easily into the classic synthesized beats. The 27-year-old discusses what inspired the yearning track: “I remember the exact moment I felt the tables turn with someone… I was like ‘woah, I can’t stop staring at this human, wtf just happened? I wanted to capture that feeling because I assumed it had to be universal and relatable.”

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OhHeyMy – ‘Numb’ 

Swedish songstress OhHeyMy is making her mark in the dance-pop community with her fresh release of ‘Numb’ featuring Chicago DJ and producer Goldhouse. Edging close to movie-like, the song focuses on the pull and attraction to one single person in a crowded, packed club. Perfectly describing the dizzying, addictive kind of love that almost makes you numb, OhHeyMy soothes your soul with her husky pipes. She’s been rapidly paving her way to a solid career in the pop music scene, perhaps even joining the ranks of popstars like Katy Perry, Kesha and Miley Cyrus.

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