5 new songs that I discovered this week

Spoiler: I have a broad taste in music.


Every week I try to discover new music, and, thanks to Spotify’s Discover Weekly, I succeed in finding new songs based on the music I already listen to. But also, with the help of the New Music Friday playlist, I find a lot of songs that I always keep listening to. This week I decided to share my top five favorite songs that I discovered last week.


I got to be honest, I’m not a big K-Pop listener. Here and there I listen to some songs from K-Pop artists, but not a lot. So finding this song in my Discover Weekly was a big surprise — but what a good surprise it was! I found out that ”LA DI DA” is based on a French association to people who are acting pompous. So, EVERGLOW is basically calling out to the haters who keep acting fake and almighty. This girl group has stolen my heart and I definitely will listen to them more.

2. K/DA – “VILLAIN” ft. Madison Beer and Kim Petras

I first saw K/DA a few years ago in my Discover Weekly playlist with their song ”POP/STARS”. Even though I really liked that song, I never took a deeper look into their music. Until last week. K/DA is a digital girl group based on four characters from the game League of Legends. I recently started to play League of Legends and decided to revist K/DA. ”VILLAIN” is absolutely another banger from this group. The vocals are done by various female singers, including Madison Beer, Bea Miller, and Kim Petras.

3. Sea Girls – “This Is The End”

The Sea Girls really stole my heart recently. After their successful debut album Open Up Your Head which came out earlier this year, they came back with another song last week. “This Is The End” is, at first listen, a song to relax to. But when you take a deeper listen, you can hear the sadness about breaking up with someone who they imagined a future with. However you want to see it, it’s one of my favorite discoveries from last week. The lyrics and beat are so different from each other, what it makes a real good song.

4. YUNGBLUD ft. Machine Gun Kelly – “acting like that”

I’ve been a big fan of YUNGBLUD for a few years already, and he always knows how to surprise me. It feels a bit like he is releasing a new song every week. This collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly has drums from blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker and, with Machine Gun Kelly’s part at the beginning, it escalates to a classic punk number together with YUNGBLUD. All in all, an absolute favorite.

5. Nothing But Thieves – “Impossible”

I got to be honest, I’m a bit late to the party with this one. Nothing But Thieves released their album Moral Panic almost two months ago. With their fourth single, ”Impossible”, they just show again how talented they are. It’s a shame that I just discovered the song last week, but with Conor Mason’s voice and the instruments in the background, it makes it everything feel okay again.

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