Zayn is back in the studio for Gold Pharoah after celebrating Icarus Falls anniversary

We loved his sophomore album from start to finish, so it's no surprise we're looking forward to Gold Pharoah!


Let’s be real for a second, we absolutely love Icarus Falls because each listen feels better than the last. And now, it has been two years since its release!

‘Let Me’, ‘Entertainer’, and ‘Sour Diesel’ were great teasers for the album, but no one could say they were actually prepared for this masterpiece. It is a complex album in every way you look at it; from lyrics to melodies Zayn knows how to express himself and make the listener feel involved.

Having received more than 500 million streams on Spotify, double-platinum certifications in Brazil, another platinum certification in Poland, and a Gold in the United States, it remains one of the favorites among the general public and the Zquad.

As expected, Zayn’s fans took to social media to show their love and appreciation for Zayn and the album. The #2YearsOfIcarusFalls hashtag was filled with memories, selfies, listening parties, and lots of love.

Now everyone stay calm, because Z is back in the studio. As he did before with Better, there are some clues leading us to Z3 (hopefully). A quick Google search shows that the new album will be called Gold Pharoah and released in 2020. This new project will be the first thing to be released after he became a dad, therefore some are expecting to hear his thoughts and emotions of this new personal chapter through his music.

While Icarus Falls fills us with joy and makes us proud, we are looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us this time. What do you think this new project might involve? Tell us down below or tweet us at @UnitedByPop!

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