Zayn Malik is back BETTER than ever before

It’s been way too long without Zayn but the waiting is finally over.


Icarus Fall came out in 2017 and since then it’s been really quiet for Z-stans. Zayn hardly ever showed up on his social media account and whatever he’s been working on has been a secret even for his fans.

Zayn gave us a few collaborations in the meantime but his solo work was on pause and we were anxiously waiting for any bit of Zayn’s killing vocals and amazing bops.

This week has been extra special for the singer – his baby daughter was born a few days before his new single ‘Better’ came out. He shared a cute picture holding her tiny hands and expressing how happy he was to welcome the baby girl into the world.

Zayn exposes his tattoos while singing about giving up trying to fix a relationship. He suits up and moves around the room having no idea that he’s being watched. The movie video is simple yet beautiful visually, Zayn’s charm is all over the place and it’s inevitable to go against the lyrics and keep falling in love with him.

The movie video has almost 5 million views in its first 24 hours. Z-stans couldn’t be happier with the singer’s comeback.

There are still no clues about Zayn’s third album but ‘Better’ is a pleasant surprise that leaves us all excited for what is coming in Z3.

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