Deciphering Zayn Malik in 2020 – is all this connected?

What do you think? Recent days have proved VERY eventful for fans of Zayn who have gone without any related content for months.


The recent week has proven very eventful for fans of Zayn everywhere. On July 27, the phrase We Love You Zayn was trending worldwide on Twitter; thanks to thousands of fans who simply wanted to show their continued appreciation and support.

Then, on July 29, Billboard announced this:

Finally, on July 31, Zayn Malik took the internet by storm with the first photo of himself in over five months! He liked a few comments from fans underneath and changed his profile picture the same day.


Zayn’s selfie crossed 4.8 million likes in under 9 hours, becoming his most liked Insta post ever. As of today, it’s reached well over 6 million likes. Additionally, Zayn quickly gained over 300K followers with that one selfie, alone.

He’s still the most followed 1D alum on the platform with (ironically) the least amount of posts. Now, it’s even less than before, considering that he also hid or deleted around 22 of them on the rare occasion of his online activity. In the past, Zayn has exhibited similar behavior (hiding posts) when he was anticipating the release of brand new music. No promises, of course, but that is worth mentioning!

So it goes, we can now add Zayn to our collection of post-quarantine version pictures of the 1D boys.


This came just over a week following One Direction‘s 10th anniversary on July 23. He declined to post anything related to 1D during that event, however, he may instead have been celebrating another, more personal, anniversary.

On July 29, 2015, Zayn announced that he had signed a recording deal with RCA Records. This began his professional career as a solo artist. The day before his latest post was the 5 year anniversary of the signing.


Optimistically speaking, Zayn’s surprising return to Instagram could *potentially* mean new music is on the way. Many other talented artists/bands have been spending their quarantine time focusing on creative writing and new music composition. Keeping that in mind, Zayn’s third album venture could be closer than we imagine.

Last but not least, Charlie Puth randomly tweeted this the prior day (July 30).

The fact that they had previously worked together on unreleased music comes as a surprise to many. Makes us think though, what a coincidence, Charlie found his hard drive exactly one day before Zayn became active online after so long. Maybe we’re just over-analyzing at this point, interpret it as you will!

What do you think? Leave us a comment below. We’ll just be here, waiting patiently for his new album, baby, and era while listening to fOoL fOr YoU on repeat.

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