Why Don’t We drop their latest banger Lotus Inn

Enjoy Why Don't We's new music while waiting for their new album dropping this January 15.


Why Don’t We just dropped Lotus Inn the newest insight to their new album The Good Times and The Bad Ones that will be out next month.

Inspired by The Odyssey and the first Percy Jackson movie/book – when Percy, Annabeth and Grover lose track of time while at the “Lotus Hotel and Casino”, Lotus Inn describes the feeling of wanting to relive the same thing over and over again, getting sidetracked by your surroundings. According to Jonah, it’s the song for an epic encore at a live concert.

The music video shows the band rewinding the same party night so Jonah can impress Tessa Brooks. The endless party is filled with drinks, music, fun and Jonah’s attempts of getting it right with the girl he likes.

Why Don’t We’s sophomore album was written and co-produced by the band and it’s a mix of sounds never explored by them before. The album comes out on January 15 and it contains 10 tracks, including Fallin (Adrenaline) the first single from The Good Times and The Bad Ones.

Who’s excited to see what Why Don’t We got in storage for us?

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