The Weeknd and Ariana Grande reunite on Die For You remix

The duo of the century is back!


We all know that Ariana Grande is taking a break from music since her beauty line r.e.m. beauty came out and is currently recording the movie Wicked where she will star as Glinda. It was a hard time for lots of Arianators since there was barely any Ariana content on the way, besides r.e.m. beauty. However, Ariana’s love for music is not gone and finally joined The Weeknd on his song ‘Die For You’.

These two are obviously not unfamiliar with each other, since Ariana earlier starred in The Weeknd’s ‘Save Your Tears’ and also collaborated with songs as ‘Love Me Harder’ and ‘off the table’. Ariana and Abel are going way back with each other, so of course he could be the only one to bring Ariana back in music. After a TikTok that Ariana posted earlier this week where you could hear and see her singing a part of the song while editing it afterwards. She wrote: ‘“Wrote and recorded a verse for my friend after a 14-hour day on set,” Grande shared in a muted TikTok teaser showing herself in front of an open Pro Tools session. “This certain exception had to be made…”. We became certain about the fact that new music would be coming out soon, but we didn’t expect it to be this SOON.

‘Die For You’ maybe sounds even better with Ariana on it, with her amazing vocals blended with Abel’s great voice. These two truly never disappointed, and now the only question is when these two will drop an album together. But for now, we will enjoy this remix.

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