Reneé Rapp releases deluxe version of Everything To Everyone

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter is the Spotify cover artist for the "Young & Free" Playlist


2023 is set to be Reneé Rapp’s year as she cements herself into the pop music scene as an emotionally-drained lyrical genius. Following the success of her debut EP released late last year and a sold-out tour, she has delivered a deluxe version of the Everything To Everyone project with new cover art, a brand new music video for her song “Bruises,” and an extended version of “Everything To Everyone.”

Rapp’s latest project has landed her the cover of Spotify’s “Young & Free” playlist – a humorously ironic choice for the artist that sings: “I’ve spent twenty-two years of my life /Tryin’ not to freak out /Tryin’ not to be needy.”

Nonetheless, the 23-year-old artist has delivered yet again, music that is authentic to herself, while still connecting with her audience. Rapp teased her song “Bruises” on tour and fans have been begging for its official release. The song is beautifully written and produced, beginning slow and sad, but transitioning to an upbeat tempo, possibly revealing Rapp fully embracing her emotional sensitive self.

The “Bruises” music video is quite shocking — even beginning with a trigger warning, but excitingly illustrates the song’s concept of emotional pain.

Rapp’s debut album is set to release later this year, as fans prepare to fight for tickets for her next tour.

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