Tate McRae’s She’s All I Wanna Be is everything we hoped for

It's not often that songs get stuck in your head for weeks before they're even released.


It’s not often that songs get stuck in your head for weeks before they’re even released, but it seems Tate Mcrae is the master of that. Thanks to TikTok, we first heard a snippet of her new single late last year.

‘She’s All I Wanna Be’ was released this week and it’s everything we hoped for and more from the 18 year-old artist. The angsty pop song sees her sing about jealousy over an electric guitar in the catchy chorus.

Stupid boy making me so sad, didn’t think you could change this fast / She’s got everything that I don’t have, how could I ever compete with that?

Co-written with Greg Kurstin, ‘She’s All I Wanna Be’ is the second single from Tate’s upcoming debut album, following the release of ‘Feel Like Shit’ in 2021.

That’s not all though, Tate announced on Instagram that a movie music video for the song is coming next Friday (11th February)! She even shared a trailer which gave fans a look at what they can expect.

The music video sees Tate take part in a group dance audition, something which would feel very familiar to her considering her history. Tate began her career as a professional dancer, including performing on Justin Bieber‘s Purpose World Tour and competing in the TV series So You Think You Can Dance.

It seems Tate’s put a lot of hard work into making the song as special as it is, as she revealed on Twitter that she went through 29 mixes before deciding on the final one.

We can’t wait to see the music video and hear Tate’s debut album soon!

‘She’s All I Wanna Be’ is out now here.

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