Tate McRae and Khalid’s Working is the new summer bop of this year

These two iconic artists finally worked together!


Even though Tate McRae dropped her new EP Too Young to be Sad back in March, the 17-year-old singer is already working on new music again. She teamed up with the one and only Khalid for a brand new summer bop called ”Working”.

While Khalid hasn’t dropped any new music for a while, Tate was recently featured on ”You” with Regard and Troye Sivan. Tate said that she’s very stoked about this song with Khalid: “I usually release a lot of songs that are pretty emotional but this one is just a straight summer bop. We had such a fun time creating this song,” she says in a recent statement.

We’re just happy that these two young musicians found each other. ”Working” is an amazing song to vibe along to with your friends in the summer. The beat is very simple but catchy, and it only gets better when the voices of Tate and Khalid get mixed up together.

The music video for the song will be out very ”soon” — but when is ”soon,” Tate? TELL US!

Tate will be performing at a bunch of festivals this summer like Lollapalooza and Leeds Festival. While it’s unsure when Khalid will drop more music, we’ll definitely be enjoying ”Working” from now on. Because what a summer bop it is!

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