SUGA is taking his persona Agust D on a ride with new album

The rapper is going big this year with an album, a tour and a documentary and it all has already begun with the pre-single People Pt.2 featuring IU


Agust D’s history started back in 2016, when SUGA released his first mixtape, with powerful diss tracks, the rapper showed an unmerciful part of him that did not spare anyone who used to drag his name. The mixtape also mentions his mental struggles in tracks like ‘The Last and So Far Away’, he became one of the first idols in the Korean music industry to talk so openly about mental health.

In 2020, when the rapper dropped D-2 to everyone’s complete surprise, SUGA explained in an-hour long live every single track on the mixtape and what the blond persona of Agust D on the Daechwita movie video represented, and he called it anger, what explains his first mixtape a lot. D-2 was a transition from anger to new feelings taking over the rapper. He did not miss the chance of leaving some traps in the diss tracks but you could tell his main focus was to deal with a new phase that was starting for him.

Now, from the small snippets we’ve been getting from the documentary and the pre-single ‘People Pt.2’ that the singer IU is a part of, it’s possible to tell that D-Day no longer brings out the anger the rapper felt years ago. In fact this might be the last project SUGA is releasing as Agust D, BigHit mentioned this album being the end of a trilogy.

There are 10 tracks on D-Day and in every single one of them Agust D is credited as a composer or producer, including the main track ‘해금 (haegeum)’ that’s been written and produced only by the rapper. Some amazing people are joining Agust D in this album as well, his band member J-hope is part of the third track ‘HUH?!’ and Kim Woosung from The Rose is joining Agust D and the legend himself, Ryuichi Sakamoto on track nine, ‘Snooze’.

ARMYs were commenting how nice it is for SUGA to have Sakamoto in his album, someone who the rapper has told many times that was an inspiration to him. Ryuichi Sakamoto died recently and SUGA used his socials to pay his respects to the artist.

In the documentary we’ll be able to see both artists working together as Ryuichi Sakamoto already appeared in the preview, alongside Halsey, Steve Aoki and Anderson Paak.

The trailer shows SUGA travelling around the world to make music for his new album and also live performances of the songs that we can’t wait to finally listen to. The documentary Road to D-Day drops on April 21st on Weverse and Disney+ worldwide alongside the album D-DAY that you can already pre-order.

SUGA has already started the promotions, kicking off on IU’s Palette Youtube Show. The singer and the rapper talked about their new song, about Agust D, the album, the tour and bickered a lot showing a beautiful friendship that has flourished because of the talents they have in common. They also sang together their first collaboration Eight, surprising a lot of their fans that had nothing but compliments for the duo.

The expectation for SUGA’s first album is high and even higher are the expectations for the tour! The rapper is selling out every single venue he’s playing. Have you got tickets to see him live?

April is definitely SUGA’s month! We’re excited to watch every steps he takes on this journey!

Watch his pre-single ‘People Pt.2′ with IU, below to warm up for the tour with us:

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