Four years with Agust D

Fans celebrate and reminisce BTS Suga's first solo project


Four years ago Suga from BTS presented to the world Agust D, his raw and honest rapper persona in his first solo mixtape. The record also named Agust D brings a very open side of the idol rapper who spoke sincerely about his mental health and the highs and lows in his career.

When Suga first auditioned for Big Hit his main goal was to become a producer, not knowing he would be chosen to be part of BTS and become a huge success in the years to follow. The rapper and his bandmates didn’t have an easy start, the idols struggled for many years even after debuting and mentioned several times how they had almost given up on their dreams. (We’re really glad they didn’t.)

In the two main tracks of his solo debut, Suga or Agust D, delivers strong lyrics and fast paced lines talking about his success and dissing people who doubted or even took advantage of his name in the industry. We are able to watch a confident rapper talking about his tongue technology and how he was born a tiger who wasn’t going to live like a dog.

In the track The Last, the rapper mentions the hardships he had to live with while trying to make it in the music industry. Depression, social-phobia, self-hatred and even an accident that could have postponed his debut were a few battles he had to fight back then. The track shows the idol rapper’s most vulnerable side and as fans celebrate another anniversary of the mixtape, they make sure to show how much love and respect they have for the emotional track.

Another emotional track and one of my personal favorites is So Far Away – a song that speaks about dreams and expectations, and not really knowing your place and losing yourself in those insecurity thoughts.

The mixtape made it to the Billboards charts two years after its release when it was made available on iTunes. It was also considered one of the 20 best mixtapes of 2016 by Fuse TV. The day the mixtape was made available on SoundCloud, Suga wrote a special message to fans on Fancafe – a type of forum where artists can interact with fans – explaining his thoughts and feelings after the record was out.

In May, Agust D made a surprising comeback with his second mixtape called D-2, showing a more mature rapper but as honest as the one we met four years ago, still mentioning his hardships and feelings in his songs.

Army took the day to celebrate and show their appreciation for Agust D and his first mixtape on social media.

You can listen to the full mixtape on SoundCloud and tell us what’s your favorite track from Agust D’s first solo project.


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